15 networking questions to help you make the most of LinkedIn


15 networking questions to help you make the most of LinkedIn     

LinkedIn has manifested as the go-to platform for professional engagements that can be fruitful especially considering the career paths that individuals are trying to forge within the respective industries. When it comes to making the most of LinkedIn, the biggest question is always on how people can adjust and make the platform work for them. To this end, utilizing your network of contacts becomes the ultimate choice of engagement that will add value. here are 15 networking questions to help you make the most of LinkedIn.

Can I hear more about your career path?

If you are targeting some development in your career, then this is the question to go for. When contacts within your network are presented with this question, you get to receive some professional advice that can help you mirror a professional who has made significant strides and succeeded within the industry.

Any insight on this issue?

Contacts who are within the same field can be a worthy resource when it comes to insights on some issues that exist within the industry. They are the perfect resource when you get their perspective since they give informed and detailed information.

Is there anything in your career you wish you had done differently?

This is a broad yet insightful question as it has the capacity to give you perspectives and factors to consider when reflecting on a career path you are thinking of. It also gives you some ideas on how you can handle some challenges.

Can you introduce me to….?

If you have a professional in mind that you need to be introduced to, you can break the ice with someone in your network by asking this question.

What’s your advice for someone at my level?

Whether rising through the ranks or simply making an entry into the field, this question is relevant for you. It allows you to have access to specific advice based on your trajectory in the profession of choice.

Can I get your input on the Pros and Cons?

When unsure about a situation or when debating on where the merits are in a particular industry setting, posing this question to your network is advisable. Asking for Pros and Cons is key as it gives you flexibility in learning.

Can you give me any good reading recommendations?

Professionals who have made strides in the industry have a wealth of resources when it comes to reading material. They can provide accurate considerations on the Industry development and professional journals, websites, newsletters and magazines to utilize.

Is there someone in your network you think I need to talk to?

This is a question that ensures you get advised on the right people you should connect to. Your network is better placed to give ideas on people to connect with who offer a solid chance of career development.

Do you know a better way to go about this?

Everyone has different ideas when it comes to factors within an industry. When you are stuck on an issue, it is in order to ask this question to get the most from your network in terms of the different alternatives and avenues of operation that are open to you.

What do you have to say about company X?

This question is crucial and most especially when you are applying for a job in a new company or when exploring possibilities. It is a networking question that provides ideas about the industry and its players.

Can you indulge me in brainstorming some new ideas?

When you need ideas for a new project or tips to follow when troubleshooting an existing update in the industry, this is the question to pose to your network of contacts on LinkedIn. It is amazing the feedback you can get.

Can you aid me promote this?

Have you launched a new product? this networking question will effectively enable you spread the word. It is also a worthy question when you are starting a new venture.

What are your recommendations for industry events and conferences?

One of the important networking questions to ask as it stands as one that will allow you to see and identify events and conferences relevant to your profession. Posing this question enables you to get a grip of the unfolding happenings within your industry and how you can become part of the same.

What’s your feedback on how I dealt with this?

If you have posted a finished project or a work-related challenge that you have recently handled, this question is the best when you need to get honest feedback from your network of contacts on LinkedIn. It is an opportunity to learn.

Can you grant me an informational interview?

Informational interviews allow you to find crucial and core details about jobs and updates within the industry. When you set this question to your network on LinkedIn, the chances of you learning are enhanced by a significant percentage.

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