15 Passive Income Ideas You Can Start Today


15 Passive Income Ideas You Can Start Today

In this digital world run mostly by millennials, there are very many money making opportunities around us. It is now easier than ever making money both on and off the web without actively involving in the acts. If you were wondering what are some of the ways you can passively complement your end month salary, here are 15 passive income ideas you can start today;


Social lending involves a lender and a borrower doing business without involving the bank. It is however risky since the loans have no collateral. The Lending Club is a great place to earn interest on your money. It is an online based peer-to-peer lending platform where lenders are matched with borrowers.

Equity Portfolio

This refers to some form of security that represents ownership interest. This is a long-term approach where the value of your capital and your income rises or falls in accordance with the economy.

Real Estate

For long-term investors, this is a may be a great investment if you buy in the right location. With the continuously rising cost of housing, real estate promises an attractive and stable income return.


It is very easy to create your own eBook and publish it via Amazon. Self-publishing is ridiculously easy and you just need to find what you are good, write about and wait for people to pay you. Easy.


It takes time, dedication and a lot of creativity to make serious money as a blogger. Once the blogs are established, bloggers use as avenues for launching other products or even hosting adverts in order to generate revenue.

Making YouTube videos

Making videos on you-tube has become mainstream today. You can create videos about almost anything from music, comedy, opinion or movies and upload it on YouTube. Attaching AdSense to the videos you upload overlays them with automatic ads which when viewers click on you earn money.

Build an app

Selling apps can be a very lucrative business venture. With almost everyone owning a smartphone, the market potential for apps is extremely vast. You don’t even have to build the app yourself, you could use your idea and hire a programmer to create it for you.

Create an online course

You can create an online course about something that you are good at. From academic, to sports or cooking, you can sell your knowledge online for some good money.

Build a product selling website

You can set up a website dedicated to selling products that you have some knowledge about. You don’t need to involve yourself on the manufacture but only the middle-man between the buyer and seller.

Selling Photographs on the web

Put your photography skills to good use and get paid. You can sell your photos to websites such as Shutterstock and iStockphoto. The websites pay you with regard to how many of your photos they sell to their site clients

Affiliate Marketing

This method is best suited for those with blogs and active websites. It involves partnering with a company and selling its products for a commission.

Use Cash Back Reward Credit Cards

When you make your daily purchases, use a reward card to get back your money. There are very many offers that haven’t been exploited and you can always look up online on the service providers that offer this service.

Make Money When You Search

You can make money while searching on the internet. Use Swagbucks.com instead of Google and earn points which you can trade for various gift prizes

Licensing Music

You can earn royalties from you music when someone wants to use it by simply licensing it. All you need is to seek for the relevant authorization and you are good to go.

Become a silent business partner

You can become small-time investor in a successful business in need of financial backing. You will not be involved in the running of the business but will only participate in the profits of the business.