15 questions your LinkedIn Profile must answer in 15 seconds


15 questions your LinkedIn Profile must answer in 15 seconds       

Your LinkedIn profile is your ultimate selling point and it is like an Ad that speaks for you to the prospective followers. To this end, there are questions that your profile must be able to answer if it is to achieve the intended purpose of representing you. Here are some of the top 15 questions your LinkedIn profile must answer in 15 seconds.

How invested are you?

Your profile must show how invested you are and this is where people look to internalize how you convey information and present passions in a way people will resonate with. For you to make your profile appealing, you have to spend time and effort and this is the initial investment people notice and read into when it comes to projecting the same commitment to other duties.

What’s your experience with select tools?

Within an industry, there are tools that define how duties are handled and the proficiency with which these tools are used is what employers check out for. Every tool, program should be captured to answer this question.

How catchy is your writing?

Writing skills come into play on LinkedIn more than in any other professional engagement standing. Noticeable spelling mistakes, slang, SMS lingua and run-on sentences always point to a poorly written profile and this is not the answer you should portray.

What are your strengths?

Your LinkedIn profile must be able to answer the question on what your strengths are and how you are able to exploit the same to benefit of responsibilities given to you. Your profile should tell casual readers what your strengths are and where your performance can be highly appreciated and considered.

What are others saying about you?

Employers and readers are known to place recommendations and endorsements that people receive in high regard. Seeing the opinions others share about you is a way to learn how you relate to others and this is why this question has to be answered.

What’s your current position?

Employers and people following you have to know what you do and how you make your living. This can be achieved when you fill the headline and capture the important elements of the professional standing you bring to the table.

What are you focused on?

An individual that knows nothing about you should clearly understand what your focus is and what you look to achieve within your industry. The question on what you are focused on must therefore be answered as it informs quality assurance and the idea on improving industry operations.

Is your input worth considering?

Any employer or follower has to understand the input you are bringing and if it is significant enough to be considered. This is often answered by the power of your network, if a reader agrees to hire you or do business with you, then what is the impact you will bring along. The key with this question is to always find out if you are active in influencing people.

What is your personal brand?

How have you marketed yourself? Do you have branding statements, taglines, logos, stylistic developments? These are the elements people look to capture with this question since the way you brand yourself is what informs the value you place on yourself.

Which job titles do you cover?

Talk your career and ensure people understand the boxes you tick. This question is often answered when you get to lay out the acquired skills. You can be a graphic designer who is a software developer or a lawyer who has experience in public relations and these are the elements people try to understand with this question.

What’s your career story?

What are the steps you have made so far and what are your progressions likely to be in the near future? These are factors that demystify the ambition you hold. Your profile must provide a clear representation of what your career story is.

Do you understand your field?

If you have a definite grasp of the industry you are in, you tend to be comfortable and confident in your presentations. This is where the skills matter and the idea is to be clear and concise which will clue in people that you understand what you are talking about.

What underlines your credibility?

Work experience is one significant pointer of your credibility. You must include where you have worked, titles held and responsibilities if you are to answer this question seamlessly.

What’s the significant professional achievement?

Whether you won an award, managed to grow a startup or navigated a business through tough times; these are elements that you have to capture since they are what will answer the question on the significant professional achievements made.

What’s your value proposition?

What is the unique input you will bring along if approached or hired? This stands as the key to the inevitable question of what your value proposition is going to be and if it should be considered.