15 Reasons You Should Play Pokemon Go


15 Reasons You Should Play Pokemon Go

You want to know the app that has amused many game lovers, well here it is. Pokemon go app now makes the game that you used to play on your Game-boy even more real and fun. This game has become a favorite among people of all ages, both the youth ad adults. If you have not started playing Pokemon go, well waste no more time as here is why you should start today.

1. It is so much fun

If you start playing the game, you will find yourself becoming addicted. Well this game is so much fun. This is why it has even gained millions of users within a short time. The app is not just any other normal game app. This game is designed to make you feel like its a rel life scenario while playing it.

2. It can make you meet new people

A lot of people are downloading this app and getting to love it more and more every day. Once you get the app, you can go to Facebook and find people that are within your city and are playing this interesting game. Get to visit nearby parks and you will be amused to find more people gathered playing the game and sharing their experiences. You might end up getting new friends.

3. You get to familiarize yourself with new areas

As I earlier indicated, Pokemon go app links you to the real life. You are also able to get more items in the game by stopping at different Poke-stops to pick up items. These stops are usually landmarks and even monuments. They will make you want to explore these areas within your city.

4. You get to exercise

What makes this game interesting is that you do not stay in bed and idle whole day while playing it. This app is all about movement. Once you start playing it, you will have to make movements until your phone vibrates to indicate that a Pokemon has appeared.

5. It is bringing people together

This app is actually one of a kind. You can now go online and see a video of thousands of people running towards a rarer Pokemon that emerged in the middle of the park. Isn’t this amazing.

6. You get to revive your long lost innocence

At a later stage in life, you get to feel that your youthful ages passed so fast and you would want to revive so part of it. So why not choose the best way to do this by playing this lovely game. This excitement of catching a Pokemon will surely make you feel as if you are in your youth stages once again.

7. You get to join Pokemon events

This game has fascinated many people, hence making them organize poke-walks. No matter the locality you are in, you will not miss such an event organized nearby.

Here are more advantages.

8. It makes you adapt to outdoor life

9. It gets to make errands even more fun.

10. Helps kids to socialize with your child.

11. It helps you relax your mind by linking you with nature.

12. It promotes community health

13. It makes you be able to appreciate your locality.

14. It is just inspiring. This game leads to making you want to achieve more in life.

15. If you get to catch the Pokemon being the first, you will definitely feel great.

If you have not got the app do you see all the fun that you are missing? Do not wait no more.