15 Things You should know about Baidu Marketing


15 Things You should know about Baidu Marketing

With e-commerce growing rapidly in China, many US retailers are now making an effort to expand into the Chinese market. If you are one of these retailers, you need to be available in Baidu and have a good SEO for your strategy to succeed. Here are 15 things you should know about Baidu marketing.

Update your information 

In China, things are moving at a breakneck speed. Although good content makes a good start, it’s important that your information is consistent with the current market. Information that is up-to-date ensures that your site will retain its trust rank and improves your SEO.

Host your website in China 

This will get you a high visibility on Baidu and easier performances bonus. Hosting your website in the US or any other country can lead to difficulties when it comes to performance on Baidu ranking.

Get press releases

Godo press releases increase the ranking of your site and at the same time improves your confidence index on Baidu. A good press release will also generate more visits to your site.

Make partnerships

Making partnerships with sites that share your interests allows you to get a better ranking. Create backlinks linking to your quality partners. Your partners will also reciprocate this action which will allow your site to get quality backlinks from other sites. Partnerships make a positive impact on your SEO in Baidu.

Backlinks Campaign

Having quality backlinks referring to your home page is an effective solution to a good SEO campaign on Baidu. Get a lot of backlinks to help your site climb position in the search results.

Get the Label V

The label V works as a quality label grade on Baidu. There are three types of V (verification): V1, V2, V3. V1 is the equivalent of the beginner level while V3 indicates an expert level or excellence. To get both V1 and V2, you are required to pay a certain amount of money. Verification levels ensure the reliability of your site.

Write your website in simplified Chinese

Baidu is a simplifies Chinese search engine and to increase the relevance of your site, ensure your website is written entirely in simplified Chinese.

Have an Optimum User Experience

For a successful SEO campaign, your website should have an Optimum User Experience. This means that your site must be comfortable to handle, should have a nice design and your pages should load at an acceptable rate in China. Also, consider having a mobile version of your site to capture Chinese smartphone users since mobile usage is on the rise in China.

Multiply the number of pages on your website 

Increasing the number of pages on your website allows a successful SEO campaign. While calculating the or assessing the reliability of a site, Baidu also takes into account the time spent on a site. Multiplying the number of pages on your website will see to your SEO progress.

Select your keywords carefully 

It’s important to select your keywords carefully. Some basic knowledge of Chinese is important if you want to do SEO on Baidu. Studying more keywords makes it easier to attract people looking for information based on these keywords.

Importance of brand image 

There is a special package service offered by Baidu that allows Images or video links to a product with introduction in the ad. This allows brand exposure and creates a more attractive display. Using this service lifts your image to the big brand level.

Being on the Baidu products

It’s important to be present on sites closely linked to Baidu such as Baidu Zhidao. Such sites increase the interest given by Baidu, a step that improves your SEO strategy.

Indexing your website pages take time

Indexing of website pages is the most common problem faced by websites on Baidu. To avoid this problem, make sure you have your own site map.


Once you have created your website, make sure your web pages are organized. Make sure you have high-quality content and submit apparent titles. To be well referenced on Baidu, post a correct amount of content just like a real media house would do.

Payment methods 

While Visa and Mastercard symbols in many countries, many Chinese users will abandon a purchase since they don’t have these cards. It’s important that you promote and accept the popular means of making online payments such as Alipay and UnionPay.