15 Things You Need to Know About China’s Media Market


15 Things You Need to Know About China’s Media Market

Internet ads speeds

The Internet advertising speed has grown by leaps and bounds. As a matter of fact, Internet ads have surpassed television ads. By 2015, 49.7 per cent was spent on Internet advertising.

Mobile advertising

Mobile advertising is the most popular form of online advertising. The number of consumers taking up mobile advertising is expected to increase in the coming years.

Programming purchase development

The programming purchase budget is continually growing, but that does not bother advertisers and marketers. Despite the huge budget, advertisers are focusing on the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of the resources in the advertising field. The benefits outweigh the cost. Combining the PDB and RTB advertisement’s purchase is the mainstream advertising model in China.

Role of television

Although television is becoming less popular, it still plays a critical role in the media market. It plays a dominant role in product coverage and influence despite the decreasing market share. The use of new and interactive tools such as Wechat will bring some life to the traditional media. It will create a new advertising platform that is interactive.

Subtle product placement during shows

It has become a favorite trend for marketers and advertisers. Over the years, media and the advertising companies are diversifying and promoting their brands using more subtle means. To create more interaction and engagement with their audience, they are taking up the multi-screen integration and television-Internet integration.

Variety shows

Sports and drama event broadcasting have become the favorite of many media houses. 2016 is a sports event year. Media houses are seeking the exclusive rights to broadcast such major events.

PlayStation TVS

PlayStation TV is the leading driver for the ever –growing TV expenditure. 13.8 percent of the total TV budget was spent on PSTV advertising. With many people playing the PlayStation games, the media is working hard to create content that will appease the audience,

Online video

A lot of growth has been reported in the online video market. Future projections show that online video marketing will be the business model for advertisers in future. It will integrate options such as online payments, video-based e-commerce and content investment.

OOH advertising/Outdoor advertising

Out-of –home advertising or OOH aims at reaching consumers while they are away from their homes. Increasing the integration between outdoor and Internet advertising creates e-commerce opportunities for the media and marketers.

Transformation and upgrading of print media

The traditional print media you knew of is transforming and upgrading the media. Besides developing new content and converging the various media platforms, value enhancement in the print media is noticeable. It has been elevated to a national strategy level.

Radio ads spend

Bad news for the radio ads as the revenue has reduced drastically. Despite being the pioneer in advertising and having a large number of followers, the future of radio advertising is not sustainable. For it to be competitive and remain relevant, they need to do the following:

Diversify connections among various devices

Increase the listeners’ adhesiveness

Social media

With the high numbers of social media subscribers, the interaction between the media and the social media users has improved over the years. Their interaction has been fruitful.

Content optimization

The media is creating data that is relevant to their consumers. Additionally, they are using interactive tools such as social media to keep the audience engaged.

Tools to invoke emotions

The media is using instruments to invoke emotions and engage their clients. Some of the techniques used include entertainment, humor, and moving videos.