15 tips for building your LinkedIn followers


15 tips for building your LinkedIn followers       

When you are focusing on building your LinkedIn followers, the goal is to ensure you position your account and profile as the ultimate positive that can be received from the social professional platform. Many users always desire to have a manual that will enable them build followers and here are 15 tips for building your LinkedIn followers with enhanced success.

Include Follow Link in Email signature

One of the most successful avenues is to include a follow link in your email signature. The beauty with this is that LinkedIn has a provision where you can use the email signature builder to structure a custom signature where you can paste the LinkedIn page URL to direct prospective followers.

Cross-promote on other platforms

When it comes to building LinkedIn followers, a choice alternative to explore manifests as cross-promotion on other platforms. Asking followers on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to follow you including providing a link and a call-to-action serve as the best approaches to take.

Create a customized group

You can create a customized group in which you share targeted content, posting updates and industry development articles that will enrich your followers and ensure they share and bring in new followers.

Use LinkedIn Ads

It is possible to build your LinkedIn followers using LinkedIn Ads where you structure a follow campaign. This can be designed as targeted marketing that has its target as being able to drive followers to your account.

Utilize LinkedIn publishing tools

When you utilize LinkedIn publishing tools, it is possible to build your followers seamlessly. This is further facilitated by a setting where the followers are treated to quality content that is relevant and customized depending on the industry.

Post job openings

One of the ways of building a following on LinkedIn is to post job openings as this gets people to follow in order to stay updated on future openings and opportunities involving the respective companies.

SEO LinkedIn profile

There is massive power in SEO and this is what you should use as a way of building LinkedIn followers. When you SEO your profile, it is easier for followers to get in touch with your profile since you get higher on the search ranking.

Include Share option on content

A less used but effective strategy for building followers on LinkedIn is including the share option on content. The share widget can be used to ensure your followers share widely and get people to follow you if they find the information insightful.

Incorporate Follow Button on your website

One of the best ways to build your LinkedIn followers is to incorporate the follow button on your website. This funnels your website visitors to your LinkedIn profile which offers them an easy way to follow you.

Target written recommendations

Building your LinkedIn followers should be a targeted approach and it should be spearheaded by written recommendations. Many underestimate the power of written recommendations but what they do not identify is that it brings followers to your doorstep. By collating recommendations, you are able to build your credibility to the prospective followers ensuring they easily associate.

Join relevant groups

The ultimate pathway to building your LinkedIn followers is to join the relevant groups where you get the opportunity to share content and show your competencies as far as knowledge of the industry goes. When in the relevant groups, you get to have a wider audience some of whom structure updates to be sent directly to their inbox making engagement easier.

Fill out your profile

A peculiar way to ensure you build your followers is to fill out your profile which positions you in a good position to be noticed. From industry, location, education information, skills, photos to the products and services; filling out the whole of your profile serves as a great opportunity since when all these are featured, people get to follow.

Include a LinkedIn profile widget on blog

A unique and outright successful way to achieve the goal of a LinkedIn following is including a LinkedIn profile widget on your blog. People get to view you easily which drives traffic as well as earn you followers.

Target endorsements

Endorsements are the greatest resource and getting your industry leaders to endorse you ensures you earn followers. Endorsements recognize your skills and ensure that your profile appears in the results when people search for the skill which is a massive win.

Add links and projects

As well as the undoubted advantage of getting inbound links to your website, the links build relevance within the industry. Presenting the current and previous projects is a strategy that brings people to your profile and account which is what eventually builds a following through the prospective followers getting to identify and familiarize with you as a person or entity.

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