15 Tips for Business Marketing on LinkedIn


 15 Tips for Business Marketing on LinkedIn       

41% of millionaires actively use LinkedIn, and over 1 million professionals have posted at one time or another. Couple this with the fact that LinkedIn’s earnings are approaching the 1billion mark, and the social site’s efficacy at enforcing profitable business interactions surfaces. In a nutshell, business marketing on LinkedIn is a no-brainer. Here are 15 helpful business marketing tips.

Capitalize on sponsored updates

The engines powering social sites are built in such a way that sponsored updates actualize exponentially more value compared to non-sponsored updates. Sponsored updates enable you to get relevant material before people that matter, and are most likely to take action. You effectively access high-ranking decision makers who can activate massive opportunities to your benefit. Thus, sponsored updates should be the heart of your LinkedIn marketing plan.

Create space for non-sponsored updates

The superiority of sponsored updates does not mean non-sponsored updates are ineffective. Far from it. Develop a sponsored-updates heavy strategy punctuated by non-sponsored updates such that both work to your advantage. This way, you will reduce your marketing cost and the funds saved can further drive your campaign and help you realize a higher ROI.

Complete your profile

Needing a push or a shove to completely fill your profile calls into question your marketing seriousness and reflects very poorly on your brand. Those who visit your profile are likely to wonder if you can fulfill what you promise through advertising if completing your profile is a challenge.

Leverage analytics

LinkedIn has a good monitoring platform that you can use to keep track of relevant metrics such as CTR, CPC, impressions, and demographics. Use it to glean insights that will help you refine your campaign program. You can compare the performance of sponsored and non-sponsored updates, for instance, to develop an effective, data-backed marketing mix.

Continuously recalibrate your target market

Even if you know the most productive demographic for your cause at the outset, you still have to refine it constantly as market dynamics are ever changing. This you can do through monitoring and evaluation. In the process, you will get a lot of additional insights that may prove pivotal.

Use customized content

Having a superb content strategy is key. Develop quality, well-curated content that will appeal the most to your niche audiences. Otherwise, you will not get maximum value for your resources including time and money. Keep in mind that poor material will kill your brand slowly.

Enhance your profile with visual content

Your profile, how it looks, and how it is formulated is essentially the face of your LinkedIn brand. Therefore, do all you can to improve it. In this regard, utilize the professional portfolio functionality to add articles with compelling images, SlideShare presentations and educational infographics, etc., to boost profile charm.

Update your profile regularly

To keep things fresh and current, update your profile often with relevant content to maintain charm and persuasiveness. Updating frequently will also empower you to cultivate the ideal brand image rapidly as you learn what works best.

Build relationships

Stand out from the competition by leveraging a personal touch. Offer value and show genuine interest and your audience will be more receptive to your overtures. In short, nurture your targets and avoid a blanket approach.

Focus on VIPs

Given what you are offering, identify a few people who can bring in good business. Then, accord this demographic more focus by using custom content a deeper personal approach as mentioned above. In this fashion, you will get more out of your efforts.

Put in the work

From coming up with a strategy, to implementing, monitoring, troubleshooting, and refining it, it becomes apparent that marketing is hard work. If you are not willing to put in the hours; then, you are simply not ready to sacrifice what is needed to realize success

Recommend others

Be nice and recommend others when you come across people you cannot directly help. You will build better rapport with the individual in question and activate the reciprocity principle in your networks such that others will also direct business your way.

Show some personality

To ensure your profile and content are as compelling as possible, inject some personality. Do not be overly official as it comes off as bland and boring. Use flowery phrases here and there, videos charged with positive emotion, etc. Remember, there is a reason why top salespeople tend to be fun.

Be active on targeted groups

Join and be active on targeted groups. They offer a great avenue to increase your reach to ideal audiences. Be useful, be helpful, stick to a quality-content action plan and people will notice. Choose your groups carefully to maximize returns.

Use advanced applications

The option to add advanced applications is a godsend. It means you can customize and even automate some aspects of your marketing strategy thereby making your work easier, improving performance and increasing investment returns. Do not hesitate to add applications of value.

In conclusion, LinkedIn marketing is demanding, but it is worth it. The handy thing is that you can use your LinkedIn content to market on other social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to get more value.

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