15 Tips: How Much do Social Media Influencers Earn

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15 Tips: How Much do Social Media Influencers Earn

With people becoming savvier and savvier at ad-blocking, influencer marketing is slowly taking over as the preferred method for brands to reach their audiences, as is discussed over at runrex.com. This means that influencers are moving in to fill this gap brought about by ad-blocking technology. We have all heard stories of how influencers are making a killing, with some even quitting well-paying jobs to become influencers, which begs the question, how much do social influencers earn? Well, this article will look to help answer this question with the following 15 tips.

Local vs high profile influencers

Not all influencers are the same as, while there are others like the Kardashian-Jenner sisters who are high profile, many are local influencers whose influence is mostly in their local area, like say a given city. As discussed over at guttulus.com, high profile influencers earn more than local influencers, as can be expected.

The social media platform

As is also revealed in discussions on the same over at runrex.com, the cost of influencer marketing varies across social media channels, which means that some earn more than others depending on which platform they are known for. Instagram and YouTube influencers tend to earn more than influencers on other social media platforms.


This was once the most important factor in determining just how much an influencer will earn, given that, as discussed over at guttulus.com, the more followers you have, the more offers you will likely get, and the more you will earn. This remains true, more or less, but brands have become savvier as far as social media is concerned and are now aware of fake followers and bots, factors which can inflate someone’s follower count.

Engagement rate

To combat the issue brought about by fake followers and bots, brands are now looking more on engagement rates rather than follower count, which means that social media influencers with the highest engagement rates earn more, as high engagement rates mean a greater reach which is great for the brand as it gives them more bang for their buck.

The type of product

The type of product the influencer is known for, or the industry they post about, also depends on how much they will earn. As is covered over at runrex.com, sports influencers tend to earn more per post, earning about $3,109 per sponsored post on average. On the flip side, those in the music industry tend to earn a lot less, earning about $339 per sponsored post on average. This is why high-profile sports influencers like YouTube’s Dude Perfect earn such big bucks.

Talent agencies

There are two types of influencers: those that work alone and those that have joined a talent agency. Normally, as the folks over at guttulus.com will tell you, influencers that are part of a talent agency earn more as most of them are a lot more experienced with influencer marketing. Also, working with a talent agency ensures that they get the best and most lucrative gigs due to the support provided by the agency.

Quality of content

Influencers that are known for quality content will also earn more than most, according to the gurus over at runrex.com, as they are more likely to have more followers and higher engagement rates and are more likely to be approached by brands. While it is impossible to post behind-the-scenes pictures and clips of the New York Fashion Week like some of the top influencers, you should strive to offer your followers quality content to earn more.

Long-term relationships

Influencers who are in long-term relationships with brands tend to earn more than those who do single posts. This is because, if you have a long-term relationship, you will be promoting a given brand over a longer period, allowing you to earn more than you would if you promote a brand over a single post.


According to the subject matter experts over at guttulus.com, those influencers that are big on links and swipe ups also tend to earn more. On Instagram for instance, if you can add links to the products you are promoting or you add a swipe up for the brand’s site, then you will earn more for the gig than if you just post the product or brand. This is one way you can boost your earnings as a social media influencer.

Number of posts per gig

The number of posts you have agreed to do for a given gig will also determine how much you will earn as an influencer. Typically, as is covered over at runrex.com, you will earn more, the more posts you put up of a given product or brand, which means that you should go for the gigs that require you to put up as many posts as possible, as opposed to those where the client just wants a post or two.

Your skillset

As the gurus over at guttulus.com, will also tell you, one’s skill set as an influencer will also determine how much you will earn. For instance, influencers that are skilled at content creation will earn more, particularly if they, and not the brand, create the content that is to put up. If you have the talent for creating and editing content, among other skills, you can expect to earn more.


Most influencers are big on one specific platform, which means that we have Instagram influencers, YouTube influencers, and so forth. However, some are big on multiple platforms, and these influencers tend to earn more as they can cross-post to their other social media profiles, increasing their reach.

Name recognition

Name recognition also plays an important part in how much an influencer earns, as is explained over at runrex.com. This is why recognizable names like Jeffrey Starr or Lebron James will earn more than most. The aim, if you are a social media influencer, is to make sure your name recognition in your industry is as high as possible.


Also, as per the folks over at guttulus.com, the more effort you put in when it comes to creating and posting content, the more you will earn as an influencer. This is why influencers who do Instagram stories, or YouTube influencers earn more than then rest due to the effort to create the content. YouTube videos are also longer, and as such YouTube influencers are among the best paid.

Audience demographic

The demographic of the audience also dictates how much an influencer will earn, as is covered in more detail over at runrex.com. If you are promoting luxury items, like say if you blog or vlog about luxury travel, you will likely earn more as you will be targeting an upscale demographic.

While you may not be able to come close to matching Jeffrey Starr’s reported $18 in yearly earnings, you will still be able to earn a decent amount based on the above factors, with more on this and other related topics to be found over at runrex.com and guttulus.com.