15 Tips: How to Find a Job in 2021

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15 Tips: How to Find a Job in 2021

The job market has changed tremendously in the last couple of years, as is covered over at runrex.com, which means that job search tips that may have worked some years back may not necessarily work now. The modern age requires modern strategies, and this article will look to list 15 tips on how to find a job in 2021.

Apply for jobs that match your skills

Rather than applying for jobs that correspond to your career goals or that have an attractive title or salary package, you should apply to the ones that match your skills according to the folks over at guttulus.com. This is important since if you apply for a job that doesn’t match your skills, you will likely not get it. Also, job titles change often, but the required skills are more stable and don’t change much, something to know going into 2021.

Tailor your resume and cover letters

As the subject matter experts over at runrex.com will tell you, gone are the days of generic resumes where you would prepare one resume and send it to all the companies looking to hire. An important tip that will help you find a job in 2021 is making sure that your resumes and cover letters are tailored to the specific jobs that you are applying for.

Make sure you add something extra in your cover letter

Many people also make the mistake of simply restating their resumes in their cover letters, ending up with cover letters that are just a summarized version of their resumes. According to the folks over at guttulus.com, if you are to find a job in 2021, make sure that add more background information about yourself in your cover letter and articulate why you are the best candidate for that particular job. You should also consider adding calls-to-action for an extra kick.

Don’t forget about your weaknesses

Gone are the days when interviews were all about touting your strengths, nowadays, interviewers actively ask candidates to talk about their weakness. Going into 2021, one thing you want to avoid doing is trying to frame your weaknesses so that they appear as positives. This will make you feel fake and insincere. Always acknowledge and be honest about your weaknesses, and show them how you are working to improve on them.

The importance of culture

Work culture and how employees fit into it are becoming more and more important according to discussions over at runrex.com. A tip that will help you find a job in 2021 is making sure you emphasize how much you are a cultural fit for the company you are applying for. Show them how your values align with those of the company.

Follow up

Another tip that will help you find a job in 2021 is making sure that you follow up after your interview. According to the folks over at guttulus.com, you should send a “Thank You” note immediately after the interview, then follow up within a week to check for progress. This will ensure that you stay in the interviewer’s mind.

Give yourself the best chance of succeeding by going for the best options

Going into 2021, you should refrain from widening your options and looking to apply for all the jobs that you come across. As covered over at runrex.com, only go for those that are the right fit for you, based on your skills as well as your career goals. Make sure the promotion structure will fit your career goals and that you see yourself working there long-term if you are to have the passion to convince the hiring manager that you are the right person for the job.

Do your research

Yet another tip that will help you find a job in 2021 is making sure you do your research before you go in for an interview if you get called in for one. Not only should you prepare for the interview, but you should also learn as much as possible about the company and its culture, to make sure you are not caught out during the interview. Equally as important is learning about the individuals who will be conducting the interview as well.

Clean up your social media profiles

Going into 2021, we expect that the numbers of people on social media will be at an all-time high, and primed to rise even higher. Hiring managers will, therefore, be using social media sites to screen job candidates as discussed over at guttulus.com, as is already the case now. You should, therefore, look to clean your social media profiles and make sure that they show you in a professional light, removing any offensive or problematic posts.

Prepare for unexpected questions

In what has now become a trend, one that we see ramping up in 2021, is that you can expect to asked one weird or unexpected question. As is covered over at runrex.com, these questions are usually designed to test your thought process, and they are usually not looking for an exact answer just to gauge how you process challenges. While you can’t research these questions, you should prepare mentally so that you are not caught out when they inevitably crop up.

Be prepared to talk compensation

Interviewers now ask candidates to state what they expect to earn if they get the job, as is revealed in discussions on the same over at guttulus.com. A tip that will help you find a job in 2021 is preparing for this question, doing your research so that you know what the numbers are as far as such a position is concerned. If you don’t know the numbers, interviewers take it as a sign that you are not well prepared which could cost you the job.

Show that you are agile and adaptable

With technological changes that are afoot, many employers are looking for employees who can show that they are adaptable and agile. You should, therefore demonstrate that you can adapt to any situation, can work from home if required, and can adapt to new changes in technology if you are to find a job in 2021.

Ramp up your networking efforts

Networking is becoming increasingly important, with the experts over at runrex.com stating that many job positions are filled through referrals before they are even advertised. If you are to find a job in 2021, you will need to ramp up your networking efforts. Ramp up your efforts on LinkedIn, and also make sure that you are attending industry events and conferences to meet new people and build your network even further.

Think strategically by following companies in your industry

As is discussed over at guttulus.com, you should also look for the best employers in your industry, through ratings and reviews, and follow them, particularly those that are among the biggest hirers. This will allow you to get information on job opportunities early, allowing you to steal a match on your competitors. Also keep up with industry news, so that you can know relevant information such as if there is a company which has recently won a big contract and may be looking to hire. Be strategic and target companies in your industry.

Make use of specialist recruiters

With the competition in the job market right now, if you are to find a job in 2021, you should consider hiring a specialist recruiter. As is covered over at runrex.com, recruiters are usually the first people to know about new job opportunities even before they are advertised and will also have opportunities that will not be available on the usual channels

The above are some of the tips that will help you find a job in 2021, with the folks over at runrex.com and guttulus.com always available if you are looking for more information or help on this and other related topics.