15 Tips to Dominate Facebook for Auto Dealerships in Houston Texas

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15 Tips to Dominate Facebook for Auto Dealerships in Houston Texas

Facebook, being the most popular and most used social media platform in the world, with over 2.7 billion monthly active users as explained over at runrex.com. This means it is a platform that businesses are looking at to promote their products and services and reach out to their target audiences, with auto dealerships being no exception. If you are a Houston, Texas auto dealership, and are looking to get on the Facebook bandwagon, then this article will help you dominate with the help of the following 15 tips.

  • Create a Facebook Company Page

The first thing you need to do is create a Facebook Company Page for your auto dealership. Using our personal Facebook account for your dealership will not only make you appear unprofessional, but it is also against Facebook Terms of Service as revealed in discussions on the same over at guttulus.com. Your Company Page will be the face of your auto dealership on Facebook and will allow you to reach out to and interact with your target audience on the platform.

  • Fill in all the relevant details

Once you have created your page, you must fill in all the relevant details. You should use your dealership’s name as your page name to make it easier for people to find you. You should also select ‘Car Dealership’ as your category to ensure that your business is characterized appropriately. Don’t forget to add your dealership’s address, location, and phone number to make it easier for people to contact you.

  • Get your cover photo and profile picture right

Once you have filled in all the details mentioned above, you will need to upload your profile picture and cover photo. These are going to be one of the first things people see when they visit your page hence why you should get them right. The gurus over at runrex.com recommend that you use your dealership’s logo for your profile picture, and then use your cover photo to sell your business to anyone visiting your page.

  • Craft a compelling bio

Your bio is your chance to show people what your auto dealership is all about and you should use it well. Craft and simple, concise, and engaging bio highlighting the services you offer at your dealership, your values, and what makes you stand out from the rest of the dealerships in Houston, Texas. You should also include a link to your website in case anyone wants to check you out while on your Facebook Page.

  • Add a call-to-action

A call-to-action for your Facebook Page is important as it is what will let users know what you want them to do after they come across your page and want to access your services. As is covered in detail over at guttulus.com, Facebook gives you several options to choose from, and you should make sure that you choose one that is appropriate for your business. An example of a CTA to choose includes the “Contact Us” CTA.

  • Grow your page

With everything done, you will be looking to get a bit of a following for your Page so that you don’t get stuck at 0 for too long. To get started, you should invite your friends and family to like your Page as they are genuinely interested in you and your business and will not only like your Page but will be more likely to respond and share your posts. You can then move on to asking your customers, old and new, to like your Page as well as emailing them thanking them for their business and kindly asking them to like your Facebook Page. You should include a link to your Facebook Page in the email to make it easier for them to do so.

  • Post regularly

If you are to grow your following beyond your friends and family, then you will need to post regularly and consistently. You should post at least once every day, and if this is too demanding for you, then as discussed over at runrex.com, you should consider 3rd-party tools like Hootsuite that will allow your to schedule your posts in advance and ensure that you post regularly.

  • Make your customers the star

Given that buying a car is both a huge emotional and financial investment, you should consider taking pictures of your customers with their new purchases and then posting them on your Facebook Page, taking care to ask them for their permission first. This is something they will appreciate, building loyalty, and while enticing prospective customers to check you out, which is why you should consider making your customers the star of your Facebook Page.

  • Post engaging and informative content

Facebook, as is revealed in discussions on the same over at guttulus.com, is all about fun and entertainment. This means that if you want to keep your followers, then you should put up interesting posts from informative articles to fun videos and stylish photos. Don’t be too serious otherwise, you will end up boring your followers who will unfollow your Page.

  • Keep it industry-relevant

While posting funny videos and photos keeps followers engaged and entertained, you don’t want users to forget that you are a car dealership. Therefore, you should make sure that you also post things that are relevant to your industry from industry-related news articles to posts on features about the latest cars hitting the market and so forth. Get the balance right between fun and informative industry related posts and you will dominate.

  • Showcase your inventory, but be strategic about it

As an auto dealership, you sell cars, vans, motorbikes, and so forth, which means that you should occasionally post your inventory on your Facebook Page. However, you should be strategic about it, selecting nice looking vehicles to be featured, and taking crisp, high-quality photos of them to include in your posts. Also, don’t spam your followers with photos of your inventory through constant updates, instead, ensure that your inventory posts are mixed in with all the other content mentioned above and discussed over at runrex.com.

  • Give your Facebook Page some personality

You also don’t want your Facebook Page to look robotic and lifeless, only featuring industry news articles and photos of vehicles. Add some personality to your Page by showcasing your staff, giving your followers a chance to get to know the people behind your business. Post photos of your staff at work, at events, of your pets, and so forth, to humanize your Page and create connections with users.

  • Localize your posts

As the gurus over at guttulus.com are quick to point out, you should remember that most of your customers will be from your local area. Therefore, you should not forget to put up posts relating to local events and news in Houston, Texas to show that you are very much a part of your community. If the news is somehow related to your industry, it will be even better for you.

  • Engage with your followers

You should not just post to your Page, but should make sure that you are constantly engaging and interacting with your audience. Repost your followers’ posts, comment and like their posts, ask them for their opinion on your posts and then reply to their feedback, and you will build relationships with them, keeping in mind that these are people who may later be your customers.

  • Respond quickly

Also, if someone posts on your wall with a question, inquiry, or even a complaint, it is crucial that you respond in both a timely and professional manner. Acknowledge any complaint one may have and let them know that you will be looking into it, and will have it resolved. Be calm and professional and treat everyone with respect.

As always, if you need help with your efforts on Facebook for your auto dealership, then look no further than the excellent runrex.com and guttulus.com, the best for agencies for such services in Houston, Texas.