15 Tips to Dominate LinkedIn for Auto Dealerships in Houston Texas

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15 Tips to Dominate LinkedIn for Auto Dealerships in Houston Texas

People tend to think that LinkedIn, as the world’s largest professional networking site, is all about jobs and finding employment, but as the subject matter experts over at runrex.com are quick to point out, it is a lot more than that. With over 500 million users and 250 million monthly active users, it can also be an excellent platform to reach out to your target audience and connect with potential customers, particularly for auto dealerships. If you are a Houston, Texas auto dealership and are looking to get started on LinkedIn, this article will highlight 15 tips that should help you dominate.

  • Get started with a Company Page for your dealership

Before you get started on LinkedIn, you need to set up a Company Page for your dealership, which will act as its profile on the platform. This is how people will know that your dealership is on LinkedIn and how they will find it as explained over at guttulus.com. Creating a Company Page for your dealership will help you remain accessible and transparent, building trust, and helping you do more business.

  • Use an appropriate cover photo

Choosing the cover photo for your dealership’s LinkedIn Company Page is another thing you need to get right if you are to be successful on the platform. While you could use a photo of your building or even your company’s logo, you should consider using a photo of your team at work to humanize your profile and build a connection with your audience.

  • Craft an engaging summary

You also need to craft an engaging summary for your Company Page so that when potential customers read it, they feel like your auto dealership understand what their problem is and how you can help resolve it. It should have a simple and concise introduction, a summary of your industry experience, the services that your dealership currently provides, and then finally, as covered over at runrex.com, a call-to-action at the end allowing your prospective customers to connect with your dealership.

  • Get endorsements

Endorsements are key if your auto dealership is to experience any success on LinkedIn. They serve to validate all that has been listed on your summary and confirm that you are what you say you are. You should consider endorsing other businesses on LinkedIn, particularly local ones in Houston, Texas which you know so that they can return the favor and endorse yours too. Also, you can ask your clients to offer you endorsements.

  • Get recommendations

Just as is the case for endorsements, the gurus over at guttulus.com point out that recommendations are also important if you are to dominate on LinkedIn as they will help your dealership gain credibility, driving new business. You should give other professionals on your network recommendations and they will be inclined to return the favor.

  • Show your expertise with your content

When it comes to content that you will be sharing on your LinkedIn platform, you should focus on topics that show that you have high domain knowledge and are an expert in your niche. You want to establish yourself as a thought leader and expert on matters auto dealerships so that users immediately think about your Page when looking for information on matters related to your industry.

  • Help your audience

Also, as is expounded upon over at runrex.com, you need to show that you not only have a firm grasp of the challenges faced by your customers but that you are willing and able to help if you want to dominate on LinkedIn. Thinks about common pain points of people looking to buy cars and then put up genuinely helpful content without being overly promotional while at it. Posting content like car maintenance tips is the way to go here.

  • Connect with potential customers

You should add the LinkedIn profile to your auto dealership website to let visitors know that you have a presence on LinkedIn and make it easier for them to connect with you on the platform. It is also important that you let your current clientele know about your LinkedIn profile and ask them to kindly connect with you over there, something you can achieve by sending them a notice through email. Once you do that, LinkedIn will give you suggestions on more connections based on your existing contact list, helping you grow your profile.

  • Stay on top of current news

It is also important that you stay on top of all the current automotive news in Houston, Texas, and nationally so that you can be the first to report any new developments that your audience needs to know about as explained over at guttulus.com. Establish your Page as the place to be when looking for the latest news in your industry and you will be well on your way to achieving success.

  • Discuss your business

While it is important to post helpful content that provides your target audience with value, you should also occasionally talk business. Here, you should talk about aspects of your car inventory, sharing what is on sale, information about new features and colors, and so forth. When talking business, you want to focus on your prospective customers and not yourself, which means that you should share information that a potential car-buyer would want to know about.

  • Leverage location-based content

As a Houston, Texas auto dealership, you must maintain a connection with local users on LinkedIn, as they are the ones that will visit your dealership for business. This is why you should ensure that you post location-based content regularly on your Page. As is explained over at runrex.com, this doesn’t necessarily have to be related to the automotive industry. For example, you can post content on the best restaurants near your dealership, or how to get there faster and the roads to use, and so forth.

  • Use high-quality visuals

Visuals are important for any auto dealership as people don’t just want to hear and read about cars, they want to see them as well. This is why the content that you post on your Page must be accompanied by high-quality visual media as well to entice users to like, comment, and share your content.

  • Post regularly and consistently

If you want to achieve success on LinkedIn, then the subject matter experts over at guttulus.com are adamant that you need to post regularly. Avoid creating your Company Page and then disappearing or posting intermittently. You should also post consistently at specific times and days so that people know when you will be putting up posts, building a community around your Page.

  • Engage

You should also ensure that your interactions on Linked in aren’t one-way. This means that you should share your connections’ posts, join discussion groups, and actively participate in discussions, comment on your connections’ posts, reply to the comments your posts get, and so forth. Engage with the LinkedIn community and you will achieve the success you are looking for.

  • Measure your performance

Don’t forget to measure and analyze your performances on LinkedIn, which you can achieve by checking out the LinkedIn Campaign Manager. You will find a bunch of data over there, and you can determine if your strategies are working as well as the best course of action if you want to do even better going forward.

If you feel like you need help with the  LinkedIn efforts of your auto dealership, then check out the highly-rated runrex.com and guttulus.com, the best agencies for such services in Houston, Texas.