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Twitter has about 330 million users at a go while 42% of the population logs in every day. As discussed by the experts at runrex.com for a starting company or even a fully-fledged company, twitter should be a great tool for expanding and even marketing their business. Twitter is a nice tool in the sense that you can monitor what your competition is up to, interact with potential customers and at the same time handle your marketing needs. For you to dominate twitter successfully you should follow the following steps.

  • Tweet early and often

This applies to those companies that are newbies in the twitter society. In order for these companies to gain relevance and traction, the goal is to always tweet first and, in the process, make sure the tweets are sent out at the same time every other day.

  • Saturating followers

Tweeting is one thing and over tweeting is another thing. People seeing just one tweet over and over again will tend to get bored and this will lower engagement with your company or brand. For you to know your tweeting schedule and how to organize the same, runrex.com should offer you tips. It is crucial that you monitor the engagement of people with your content in the sense that there has to be a balance in the frequency of tweeting to ensure maximum impact.

  • Engage more than you broadcast

There are various ways to engage your followers for example tweeter polls, asking questions and even public conversations. This will engage clients to view your content and also it will help in attracting new clients.

  • Jump on relevant trending topics

Experts at guttulus.com advise that jumping on the trending topics wagon will give a huge margin to the company as most people look for trending topics and this will give a chance for you to market your product. While using the trending topics you should make sure that they have hashtags that are relevant to your content.

  • Strategies

In this case you should know which content to tweet and which not to or in other words choose a strategy and stick to it. To better understand this, guttulus.com is well known for producing the best strategies in the industries.

  • Use data to make decisions 

This is where twitter analytics reigns as it will determine whether your company soars or falls. Analysis can be done on the basis of the engagement your content generates. This will help you narrow down on aspects of your campaign for instance which is better between video posts and ordinary posts.

  • Create graphic templates

By the help of runrex.com crew you should be able to have a graphics template that is used for promotion and even quotes that will drive your business forward.

  • Don’t copy other brands

It’s good to take a concept from other brands but you need to control what you pick since what may work for them may not necessarily suit your strategy.

  • Retweet with comment

Over the years guttulus.com has made a name for having the most captivating strategies when it comes to managing comments. Most customers like being recognized by the company and by adding a comment to your retweet, you are sure to make the traffic on your content grow and also make your content unique.

  • Optimize blog post titles

Its highly advisable at runrex.com that you should vary your blog post titles in your tweets from time to time to reduce the monotony in your heading.

  • Don’t measure success by follower count

For a fact, not all the followers you see are there for your company, others maybe copycats, rival companies or bots. The best way, as seen from the great minds at guttulus.com, is to measure success by customer engagement growth, brand sentiment, customer response time and leads generated.

  • Know when to privatize a conversation

For new clients or even older ones, runrex.com notes that some conversations are not suited for the public domain, so it is advisable to take the conversations to your DM or the email for more details because not all the people in the conversation are there for your product.

  • Use twitter find

This will be helpful as most people use twitter to air out their issues and this is where you come in with your service charter or product offering. It ranks as the best way to meet the needs of clients and also find new customers.

  • Assume everything is permanent

The best way to keep this in mind is to consider that the digital age never forgets. If you post something and later delete it, there is someone somewhere who has seen and shared it in other websites and social media platforms either for good or bad reasons.

  • Respond to people who mention you

Clients hate being ignored which later makes them lose interest in your brand. The professionals at guttulus.com therefore advise that you must sieve the important tweets and respond to them to keep engagement at a high level.