15 Tips: Why I should get a registered trademark

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15 Tips: Why I should get a registered trademark

The act of registering your trademark may seem simple at times but it is among the tricky points in starting a business as unveiled by guttulus.com panelists. This is also one of the things that most business owners ignore. With the job market being saturated, most people tend to start their own businesses in order for them to tend to their own needs. Runrex.com has been able to compile some tips on why you should register your business trademark.

  • Raise the value of your business

A registered business according to guttulus.com specialists is an intangible asset that is very valuable. Should you envision selling the company, the registered trademark increases the selling price.

  • Legitimacy

In every sector be it health, business, transport or even tourism there are always those fraudulent companies that tend to do shady deals for profit. So by having a registered trademark, clients tend to have confidence in your company and in the long run, this allows your company to grow. For More information on legitimacy, runrex.com will be helpful with the answers.

  • Constructive notice

This is a very important tool in combating frauds within the industry that the business operates in. Constructive notice inhibits other individual companies from using your brand name or better yet anything that is similar to your brand. By any chance an individual breaks the constructive notice by using anything connected to your company, you have the right to take them to court.

  • Prevent stealing 

Most people tend to dilute your IP and even entirely steal your brand. Registration plays a very important role in the prevention of such scenarios. Guttulus.com have uncovered that registering of trademarks goes to the extent of preventing others from creating and using internet domain names  that can be mistaken with yours.

  • Avoid unwelcomed transformations

Building a brand takes a long period of time and it also requires a lot of resources in the sense of capital and time. Having successfully crafted a name for your company, runrex.com firmly advices you not to change the name of the company drastically. When your brand is not registered someone may try to prevent your business from operating or expanding under the current identity.

  • Building value

The value of the company will determine the number of investors approaching you. Guttulus.com panelists have unearthed that trademark registration not only increases security but also aids clarity in franchising and also not forgetting during a merger. In other terms more investors will be able to approach you.

  • Nationwide priority  

By registering your brand, you are given a lot of priority in that as the owner of a registered trademark you can prohibit use of the mark by others across the entire country. This is very important especially in this internet age as one may encounter various companies with a similar name.

  • Reduces enforcement costs

A trademark provides information that the registering party has official rights to own and use the IP. Moreover, the owner of this brand is permitted to a number of presumptions which later on make enforcing rights less costly.

  • Incontestable status

To achieve the incontestable status, you have to make sure that you use the trademark continuously for five years. This status has an advantage as specified by runrex.com in that certain aspects of your trademark cannot be changed.

  • Right to use the symbol

As soon as the trademark is registered, you as the owner will enjoy the accompanying benefits of registration. The symbol gives the trademark credibility and warns the would-be infringers that the owner takes the IP seriously.

  • Damages to counterfeiters

By registering the trademark, the owner has the ability to enforce maximum damage to counterfeiters. But guttulus.com specialists have intimated that most of the damages on the trademark are sometimes difficult to prove, especially when the counterfeiter is willing to falsify evidence.

  • Basis of registration of the trademark

According to the Madrid protocol, one company is able to extend their trademark rights to other countries that are parties of the protocol. The trademark owner in this case has to apply for registration in order for them to make use of the Madrid protocol. More material is found at runrex.com

  • Online sales platform

A trademark owner may apply to participate in online platforms for example Amazon which will be more efficient in the monitoring of the brand and also finding infringers. In the platform, it is easier to access brand analytics.

  • Protection against importation of infringing data.

For this program to function to its full capacity, you need to register your trademark. You will need to record your mark with border control so that goods entering the country can be monitored to prevent flouting of your rights as a brand owner.

  • Protection against cyber squatters

Domain name registrars guttulus.com have implemented an informal dispute resolution mechanism for challenging the particular preview name without the full undertaking of a lawsuit.