15 Ways to Passively Make Income Online


15 Ways to Passively Make Income Online

In the modern world today, the use of the internet has increased tremendously. This means that the market for products and services has expanded to the virtual space. There are therefore ways in which that one can comfortably make money passively without being actively involved.

Carrying out webinars

One can make videos that are paid per clicking on them. As an expert in any given specialty, teaching others the skill is one way to make money. All that is required is to make tutorial guides and post them on sites then once a user clocks on the tutorials, a commission is directly paid in one’s account

2.Starting a blog.

There are sites that host ones blog/.This means that one can create a blog, post the contents in whatever area of specialty they are good at and generate traffic to their site. The earnings are dependent on the number of site visitors per month

3.Having an online store.

The virtual market is need of goods and services just like the traditional market. This means that the opportunity to post goods and have people pay for them online exists. One just needs to provide their contact details where the client can reach them at a later stage without being actively involved in the transactions

4. Becoming an online affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketers work with brands and companies. This means that with software, one can send clicks to potential customers at a set duration. Once the clicks lead the potential customers to the company or brand, one is paid a certain commission

5.Write an e-book.

One can write a book on any topic or are of their interest. Copies of the book are then distributed online and once a buyer buys a book from a site, the writer gets paid royalties without being actively involved.

6.Creating a comparison site. .

One can create a site that clients can compare the different brands in the market. The payment is passive because one is paid after every client reviews the products in  their site.

7.Creating and selling apps.

Apps and games are most people’s way of passing time. By developing apps and games one is paid by the players after they have used the app or the game in certain duration, may be after every hour.

8.Setting up a digital publishing firm.

Most people are publishing content online more than on paper. Publishing content for others online is going to earn money since one can employ people to do that then collect the money earned at the end of the month.

9.Using social media.

One can use the available software to send customized tweets to potential company clients for a fee at the end of the month. This is easy and passive because of the convenient automation process involved.

10. Creation of blog themes

One can come up with new themes and sell them to established hosts. In order to make this passive, after the creation, the themes can be sold to the sites and once a purchase is made, money is paid directly to the creator.

11. Selling photos.

If ones favorite pastime is capturing moments, then selling photos is great for them. After taking photos and posting them online, there are interested buyers willing to make a purchase. One then gets paid for the photos once they are sold.

12. Investing in a company’s online stock. The selling of shares by a company on behalf of their client is a good way of making money.

13. Being a virtual online freelance work outsourcer.

Plenty of companies are looking for labor. One can earn by linking

the companies and the online labor therefore getting a percentage commission for every task completed successfully.

14. Performing research.

One can perform research on behalf of a company in online surveys and get paid for it.

15. Selling one’s own brand.

One can earn by digitizing part of their company so that it operates both in the traditional level and online way. By having clients access some services online, one can make a passive income without being actively involved in the transactions.