16 Resolutions for 2016 New Years


Goal 1: Read 50 books.  I own a few thousand… they just sit there.  I wish there was a word for buying a book and not reading it…

Goal 2: 7, 500 linkedin connections.  I need to go to events and socialize in person more.  I have business cards now… that’s making a huge difference.

Goal 3: 3, 500 Instagram followers.  I like instagram it’s a lot of fun.  I’m going to take it more seriously from this point on.

Goal 4: 30,000 YT subscribers on the Lion channel.  I don’t think this is unreasonable.  And it will fore me to care more about what I put out.  This is a lofty goal…

Goal 5: 2,500 YT subscribers on the Guttulus channel.  This may be a lot harder.  I’m going to grind away at it.  I want 2016 to be the year where I do a lot of video.

Goal 6: 10X multiplier on the Agency.  Pretty simple.  Profitability!

Goal 7: Launch a “complete” software.  This is actually my number one goal… but the hardest to actually do.

Goal 8: 50,000 points on teamtreehouse.  I’ve let this get away from me… but I should be able to get there.

Goal 9: 100 volunteer hours.  I had a lot of fun last year doing this.

Goal 10: Workout.  I’ve been slowly gaining weight…  Due to cupcake and candy consumption.

Goal 11: Improve Behance profile.  I didn’t set a number goal because honestly I don’t know what makes sense here.  I just want to improve it.

Goal 12: Eat more Kale.

Goal 13: Practice my Sales pitch.

Goal 14: Spend money on my social media.  It’s time.

Goal 15: Eat out less…  seriously.

Goal 16: Assuming Pokemon Go launches on time… collect them all… even if I have to pay for them.  🙂