18,000 YouTube Subscribers Later


I have a hobby channel.  It’s a little more than 2 years old.  I’ve produced over 2500 videos.  I used it as an interesting marketing exercise.  On social media the top thing is to be consistent.  And to produce content even if you really don’t feel like it that day.  The easiest blogs I can write this week will be detailing my social media journey.  I have a Facebook, Twitter, and even Facebook page which are doing well.  The funny thing is I sometimes have three different social media profiles.  I have one for my hobby, guttulus, and sometimes personal.  it’s hard running that many social medias.  And who knows I might add another for the agency.

The channel’s niche is extremely niche.  I didn’t even know that enough people would be interested in this topic.  It’s a lot of fun.  At the same time…  I grew the niche myself…  haha.  I mean I have the most subscribers for that niche.  Finance. for a card game… who knew that would be popular…

And now I’ll talk about my other youtube channel… guttulus.  the purpose of guttulus is to make embarrassing videos for me to look back on one day.  It’s crazy how much I learn every single day.  Because there are so many different Marketing avenues… there’s big news and change every day.  If you aren’t up to date… you will be left behind.  I HATE being left behind.

What my YouTube channel has taught me to do is to deal with trolls and negativity.  Extremely important for sales. It’s not about the 99 people who say no.  It’s about that 1 person who says yes.  They will be your client.  Everyone else doesn’t matter.  If you care about trolls… you are lost.  And won’t ever be found.

In addition to coding like crazy… I’ve been reading a lot of books.  Essentially, upgrading my skill sets.  There are two skills I have talked ad nausea on this channel, sales and networking.  I view them as very different.  Sales is not easy.  Selling is a learned skill.

On a completely different topic…. I’m going to boot up netflix and start streaming a bad movie.  I don’t know what it is about bad movies… you don’t have to pay attention at all.  Sort of like nascar.  I used to watch a ton of nascar in college when I was studying.  Not too much happens…  but it’s excellent as background noise.