20 out of 328834 students for total badges earned!


I’m been on a coding binge.  And now it’s over.  I got to 20 which was my yearly goal.  I learned a lot about Swift on the way.  Hopefully I canceled the subscription correctly this time.  Coding binges are a lot of fun… however I now want to work on github.  My github is incredibly weak… mainly due to not spending any time on it.  There’s other things I should do this weekend… but at least coding is done.  Coding is an addiction.  The time goes by so fast.  You turn on the laptop and next thing you know it’s 2am at night.  Anyways… this weekend could be productive.  I can see it go either way.  Lots of errands I need to run…

Plus I did not buy fire emblem.  Since I know that will take up a weekend… And I have somewhat more important things to do.  Like find a new home to buy.  Homing buying is difficult.  I have to focus on surviving march and april.  Those upcoming months will be tough.  I’m already a little stressed out by the sheer amount of things I need to do.

As always not enough time.  Hence why I needed to get coding done with this month and not start until my busier month are over.  On the plus, I have a new website and I’m getting a new playmat designed.  Always exciting.  On the minus I dread doing my taxes.

I made a conscious decision to not buy a video game I would play an entire weekend.  Next week I have to go off and sell several thousands of dollars of magic cards.  Then take the money and buy a home within two months.  Hopefully in April.  I’m not picky.  I just need a new place to live.

As for accounting.  My spending is really a mess right now.  I have savings, enough to put down 20% on a new home… however, my hobbies are crazy.  If I’m good I’ll just sell and not go to Anime Matusuri… since I know going to the artist alley means certain doom and enough month of waiting before buying a home.   For sure I don’t want to rent anymore.