20 Reasons for Playing Pokémon Go as a Graphic Designer


20 Reasons for Playing Pokémon Go as a Graphic Designer

The power of graphic designing cannot be underestimated and Pokémon Go stands as evidence of what sheer quality in graphic design can achieve. Graphic designers in the industry can target the game as a factor that can impact the trail of thoughts towards a career. On the fun part, it can also be an engaging way to learn and here are other reasons why a graphic designer should play Pokémon Go.

Honing skills

Skills in graphic designing are works in progress and one gets to master the skill with time and the Pokémon Go game is one platform that can ensure a designer gets to identify what skills to use to get quality output.

Tips for utilizing AR

Augmented reality is a field that the digital world is adopting at a rapid rate and Pokémon Go is a testament to the efficiency with which AR is being taken up. A graphic designer can take up some tips for utilizing AR from the game which will aid in future inventions.

Designing games

Designing a game is a process that requires the input of varied professionals and when it comes to designing the graphic for the game, graphic designers can take some notes from Pokémon Go by playing the game.

Building a narrative

Games and successful Apps are built on a narrative and when a graphic designer plays Pokémon Go, they can be able to understand how to structure a narrative and hence creatively structure one that will resonate with the target audience.

Power of simple designing

Complexity does not guarantee quality and playing Pokémon Go can aid graphic designers to understand this concept and hence inspire creativity that leads to greater simple innovations.

Complementing lifestyle

Graphic designers usually lack social lives other than what is in their part of the industry and Pokémon Go which is a creation of graphic designing can ensure the lifestyle is complemented by an adventurous platform.

Combining reality and fantasy

Graphic designers can take some inspiration from Pokémon Go on how reality and fantasy can be combined to form an engaging and interactive setting that people can be proud of.

Learning technical aspects of AR

Pokémon Go is the perfect platform for learning the technical aspects of Augmented Reality and how it can be utilized to the good of innovations using a creative approach.

Tips on structuring VR

Virtual reality has always been considered a factor of creative manifestation of ideas but it takes more than that and Pokémon Go offers tips on how the VR can be structured to capture an audience.

Combining AR and VR

The trending phase in designing ultimately involves the blending of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and playing Pokémon Go offers graphic designers a way of creating a mental picture of how to combine AR and VR

Sampling mainstream mobile App

Pokémon Go is a mainstream mobile App that has caused a craze globally and graphic designers can play the game to understand and sample how a mainstream App feels and the concept that defines its appeal.

Optimization for target audiences

Optimization for specific niches is always a demanding task and especially for graphic designers but Pokémon Go offers designers with a chance of learning how to optimize for audiences.

Customizing for marketing

It is not only about the experience with mobile Apps as marketers look to build businesses off them and a graphic designer can take lessons from Pokémon Go on how to customize a game for marketing possibilities.

Builds experience

Playing Pokémon Go allows a graphic designer to feel the game and experience its finer details which builds experience and comes in handy when a designer decides to create their own version of a game.

Educative pass-time

Instead of spending free time watching cable TV, graphic designers can get educative pass-time by playing Pokémon Go which will inspire creativity.

Understand graphic quality

There are different qualities associated with graphics and Pokémon Go can offer graphic designers with an understanding of the graphic quality needed for effective game management.

Internalizing game spheres

Game spheres are very important for user interaction and experience and graphic designer can learn of both aspects when they play Pokémon Go since the game has balanced them perfectly.

Influencing career path

The Pokémon Go game is perfect for inspiring creativity in a graphic designer as it covers crucial aspects of designing.

Developing concepts

Pokémon Go is a game that was creatively developed to capture the imagination and minds of players and it is the development of that concept that graphic designers can learn when they play the game and identify the varied angles of creativity that were used.

Deriving inspiration

An impactful game is not a simple phenomenon and playing Pokémon Go as a graphic designer ultimately means inspiration will be derived which will aid in future projects.