20 Reasons You Should Hire a Trademark Lawyer


20 Reasons You Should Hire a Trademark Lawyer

Trademarks protects the name and unique terminologies and it is the life of brands. All successful brands have trademark protection which ensures authenticity and enhances approval with the target audience. Application and enforcement of trademarks is a process that is best captured by the experienced minds in the niche which is what trademark lawyers offers. Here are reasons why you need a trademark lawyer.

Guide trademark application

A trademark lawyer can hold your hand through the process of applying for a trademark and also advise you on the right channels to follow to ensure you are successful in your application.

Meet international trademark demands

Trademarks are globally recognized and meeting the international standards and recommended settings may be a demanding task. With a trademark attorney, you can easily understand and abide by the international demands that dictate the working of trademarks.

Trademark protection

The working of a trademark is only as effective as the protection it is given and a trademark lawyer can aid in ensuring that your trademark is protected and honored.

Experience in trademark law

Trademark laws and stipulations are the rules that guide the working of a trademark and a trademark attorney is best placed to offer an informed perspective in line with the experience gained in trademark law.

Examining trademark viability

For a trademark to be issued, a brand has to satisfy specific criteria and before commencing the process of trademark application, a trademark lawyer can aid you by examining the viability of the trademark application to ensure you do not waste time and finances.

50% higher chance of trademark application success

With the trademark applications forwarded to the USPTO, the ones that have been made by trademark lawyers have had a 50% higher chance of approval and this is a factor that can aid your application.

Trademark consultations

Trademarks are unique rights to Intellectual Property and the successful issuing of one takes a planned approach. A trademark attorney can offer trademark consultations that will result in a systematic application.

Guidance through trademark clearance

The process of clearing a trademark and consequent approval requires close monitoring in order to ensure that all demands are met and handled and a trademark lawyer is best placed to offer guidance through the process.

Performing trademark searches

Before taking the step to apply for a trademark, a search has to be performed to ascertain whether there is an existing trademark that covers the same. A trademark attorney can handle the search and get the conclusive results which will guide the application process.

Experience with cease and desist notices

Cease and desist notices may be forwarded to you concerning the use of a trademark and it is at this point that the experience of a trademark lawyer is needed as they are well versed in handling the notices as well as negotiating for the revocation of the same.

Negotiating contracts

In business, you may need to use rights to a particular trademark and a trademark attorney can aid in negotiating the contracts that will allow you to utilize the IP rights.

Protecting trademarks against vulnerabilities

Competitors always target vulnerabilities within a trademark that will benefit their cause but a trademark lawyer can aid in protecting your trademark against such vulnerabilities and ensuring your trademark is enforced to full effect.

Suing infringement

Infringement is possible with every issued trademark and a trademark attorney comes in handy in suing the infringing party to ensure full rights are protected and compensation is offered for the infringement.

Representation during disputes

Disputes usually emanate from trademark usage as parties try to grab the chance to utilize the rights to a trademark. Some disputes are genuine while others are malicious and a trademark lawyer is best placed to identify and evaluate the disputes as well as advice on the best course of action.

Trademark screening

A trademark attorney offers trademark screening which is a process that checks for eligibility and determines whether an application for a trademark corresponds to the set international standards and whether there is an existing trademark that will be infringed upon.

Registering with USPTO and TESS

Once a trademark is issued, it is imperative that it is registered with USPTO and TESS so that it appears on their databases which will allow other applicants to search and note whether they are infringing upon it. Trademark lawyers can handle he registration process to avoid confusions and disputes.

Legal opinion on trademarks

When applying for a trademark, legal perspectives on how trademarks work is important and that is what you can get with a trademark attorney.

Guidance on Trademark usage

Trademark usage is a factor that you have to identify with including licensing it out and these are avenues that a trademark lawyer can guide you on and ensure you get the best returns.

Intelligence in trademark litigation

Litigation involving trademarks involves huge capital and intelligence when handling the litigation is important. Trademark lawyers have the required intelligence to handle litigation.

Understanding trademark limitations

The rights to a trademark also have limitations in that a trademark cannot be used with products that are not covered. A trademark lawyer can explain the limitations and workings of a trademark.