20 Reasons Why you Need to Learn Code in 2017


20 Reasons Why you Need to Learn Code in 2017   

The other day while in our office, someone made a joke and shouted loudly that ‘the whole world runs on code’. There was a weird silence and then suddenly everyone burst out laughing. Someone from the corner shouted ‘I thought people run on legs? Or aren’t we part of the world?’ We all laughed again and got back to our work. It is not until later than evening that I realized how true the first ‘joke’ was. The world truly runs on code. From ATMs to Mobile Applications, almost everything we use today is a product of a code in one way or another.

With the world running on code, it means that there are numerous opportunities and a high affinity for people with coding skills. There are more reasons that not to learn code today and we want to highlight some of them. Here are 20 reasons why you need to learn code in 2017;

It is fun-before we delve into the more important uses of code, it is important to note that it is one of the most fun ways of passing time and making money while at it. Just try it today, it almost feels like doing magic.

It is easy to learn-Learning code needs just patience and dedication. It is not as hard as people are making you believe it is.

Almost free to learn- today, you don’t need to pay a dime to learn how to write. It is free and there are more than enough resources online to help you achieve this.

Don’t need a degree- although you can choose to take it up as a major, you don’t need a college degree to start coding. You only need your computer and an internet connection plus a little passion and you are good to go.

You can learn from home-If you were thinking that you need to attend physical classes to learn code, then you are wrong. I personally mastered the art by subscribing to free online classes as offered by code school and Khan Academy.

Code is the new way of life- Almost everyone is learning how to code nowadays. This does not mean that you should be sucked into the wave but it is always noble to keep yourself updated and nothing will keep you ahead like code. It really is cool.

Code will help you understand the web and other systems better- The moment you learn how to code, you will start having a better understanding of the world. You will start understanding what actually goes on behind the scenes when you are using mobile devices and so forth. Thirst for knowledge is always a good thing.

Huge demand for programmers- There is a huge demand for people with technical skills in programming and related fields. If you learn code today, you will be opening up your chances of getting a job or a gig in the near future.

Code pays handsomely- All my bills are almost entirely paid using the money I earn from coding. Code pays very well. Who doesn’t want a job that is fun and pays handsomely?

Code can be an alternative source of income- Learning code and becoming a programmer, can be a good source of alternative income. Whether you already have a job or are looking for something to get you going, code is always a good option.

Code offers flexibility-The fact that you can code from anywhere- could be at home, in the office or at school- make code one of the most flexible sources of income. You can squeeze in a few minutes daily and write a few lines of code without necessarily tampering with your routine.

Learning code improves your scope-Understanding code will improve your scope by a margin. Knowing how things like computers and software work, improves your scope and horizon of thinking.

Code tests your patience-Nothing will test your resilience like code will. There will be more than a couple failures along the way but you will come to realize that they all help in shaping you up.

Learning code gives you independence- you can choose to start your own online adventures or work for a company. You have the liberty of choosing what it is that you exactly want and this is the freedom that we all dream about.

Code will help build your soft skills- The resilience, teamwork and overall hard work that goes into coding will help shape you to be a better human. Your interactive skills and communication with peers will be improved along the way.

Code utilizes your creativity- Code is almost an art. There are no limits to what you can achieve through code. This is the best platform to explore your creativity and come up with brilliant ideas.

Code helps make life easier- Learning to code means that you will be joining a world of free thinking humans looking to make things easier using technology. This means that even your own life will be made much easier than it was before you started coding.

You can help solve problems in the world- Before Mark Zuckerberg got into coding, he had no idea that he would end up creating the largest social media platform. Who knows what it is that you can offer to the world? Try coding today.


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