20 Reasons for Playing Pokémon Go as a Lawyer


20 Reasons for Playing Pokémon Go as a Lawyer

Contrary to what many people think, Pokémon games have been around for over 20 years. It is only now that the latest installment, Pokémon Go, has blown up into epic proportions. Gameplay involves moving in between locations to find ‘Pokémon’ and ‘pokestops’ and to hatch eggs. The company responsible for the game, Niantic, has witnessed its stocks soar through the roof by gaining over $7billion in value. If you have not been sucked into the craze yet, below are 20 reasons why you should start playing Pokémon Go as a lawyer.

Gain familiarity

As a lawyer, you must be familiar with current phenomenon. The popularity of Pokémon Go has brought about the rise of many injury-related cases and it is only by playing the game that you can be familiar with what the game, as well as the cases surrounding it entail.

Explore surroundings

Whether you are a lawyer or not, exploring your surroundings is a good thing. Pokémon Go gives you a valid, interesting reason to explore your surroundings.

Discover cool joints

Some ‘Pokestops’ are cool spots that you would otherwise not have known about, such as good restaurants and the like. Pokémon can enrich your life as a lawyer in this manner.


As a lawyer, human interaction is a core aspect of your profession and one of the main ways of getting and evaluating the viability of cases. Pokémon Go provides a good platform to socialize with other game users in real world locations.


Majority of a lawyer’s work revolves around paper work and courts. Pokémon can help you get some much needed exercise and improve the quality of your work by enhancing your fitness levels.

Lose weight

There have been reports of some people losing over three pounds in a mere three weeks by playing the game. If you want to lose weight, Pokémon offers a golden opportunity.

Know the risks involved

Playing Pokémon has its risks and as a lawyer, you are bound to have people or clients you care about. It is only by playing that you will know the risks of the game and be better equipped to warn and inform those you care about.


Networking is an important component of the law profession and Pokémon Go provides an exciting platform for networking since the game can be played in groups.

It is Engaging

Being a lawyer can be mentally draining and often, you will need something to get your mind off it. Pokémon Go is engaging and can help you forget all the stressing aspects of the cases you have.

Pokémon related lawsuits

Being in the know can be the difference between winning and losing a case and Pokémon Go has instigated a rise in related lawsuits. As a player of the game, you will better understand the basics of such cases and be well placed to deal with one if it happens to come your way.

Pokémon hikes

Pokémon hikes are hikes organized by parks in conjunction with Pokémon developers. These hikes are a good way to experience nature, keep fit, and enjoy yourself at the same time.

Reduce anxiety

Pokémon players have reported a reduction in anxiety after playing the game. Pokémon, therefore, can help you relax and reduce case related anxieties.

Sedentary lifestyle

A lawyer’s life can be quite sedentary. Pokémon Go can be your ticket to an active lifestyle.

Family activity

Pokémon Go can be a good family activity since it improves the general heath of everyone involved and strengthens family ties. You can start off by trying it out with your wife, or friends and then involving the kids.

It is entertaining

The truth is that Pokémon Go is entertaining as its legion of fans can attest. It provides a healthier entertainment option compared to movies, alcohol and the like.

Local tourism

Pokémon Go has played a big part in promoting local tourism by encouraging players to visit important sites. You can get involved in the action by playing the game.


Pokémon quests can be a great way to get word out there that you are a lawyer. Additionally, it can help you take advantage of case opportunities you might not have otherwise come across.

It is fun

Playing Pokémon is also a great way to have fun with friends, colleagues, or with family.

Connecting with clients

Pokémon Go can be a great way to connect with clients that play the game and make them feel at ease around you.

Intercultural interactions

Pokémon players are accepting and not bound by social stereotypes. Playing Pokémon is one sure way to meet people from all walks of life that otherwise, you would not have met your entire life.

There have been reports of accidents and injuries caused by Pokémon players too engrossed in the game to be aware of their immediate surroundings. You should, therefore, take necessary precautions when playing the game to avoid injury, and walking into people and poles.