20 Reasons for Playing Pokémon Go as a Marketer


20 Reasons for Playing Pokémon Go as a Marketer

It is now estimated that Pokémon Go has more daily users than Twitter. This high number of users coupled with the fact that it is a game that encourages movement makes it a hot bed for marketers. One expert has gone as far as terming Pokémon Go as a marketers dream come true. However, there are some marketers that have not yet jumped into the bandwagon and are consequently missing golden opportunities. Below are 20 reasons why you should play Pokémon Go as a marketer.

Become tech savvy

As a marketer, you always have to be abreast regarding the latest tech that you can utilize in your marketing efforts. Pokémon Go uses some cool strategies that you can familiarize yourself with by playing the game.

Importance of good branding

Playing the game will show you the importance of good branding and what quality brand should be all about.

To socialize

Marketing has socializing at it score. Pokémon Go offers an excellent platform to socialize and meet people who might expose you to new marketing opportunities.

Pokémon cuts across all social stereotypes

Pokémon is one game that cuts across all social stereotyping making it possible for game players to interact on a neutral plane. This interaction makes the game a golden ticket to meet all kinds of people from all walks of life.

Light mood

Pokémon is engaging and many players of the game have reported that it helps alleviate anxiety. As a marketer, it makes your work easier because chances are that the people you meet during game play will be receptive and in a good mood.

It will ‘modernize’ you

Playing Pokémon Go will make you look modern and enhance your image as savvy, hence naturally improving your likability.


By being savvy, people will also view you as relatable which will make your interaction with persons of interest easier and help you make good impressions.


Pokémon Go provides a good platform for you to network with other marketers and share experiences and strategies. Therefore, it increases your reach and helps you learn helpful information.

A good ice breaker

Pokémon Go can give you lots to talk about with potential clients and help you break the ice. It will assist you come off as knowledgeable which is a helpful trait in marketing.

Know your surrounding

One of the most important aspects of marketing is knowing your demographic and your environment. It is this knowledge that helps you anticipate what people may be willing to buy which is a marketer’s best trait. Pokémon Go will help you in this regard.


Pokémon Go is a good way to exercise as you move through the various ‘Pokestops’ and try to hatch your eggs. It is nifty way to accomplish your fitness goals while doing something that adds value to your marketing.

Keep fit

In line with exercising, playing Pokémon will enhance your fitness. A big part of marketing is how people and see you. If you are fit and you look good, you increase the chances of people being receptive.

It is fun

It is often not possible to have fun while working but Pokémon Go is one of the few games out there that makes it possible to do just that.

Reduce cost of meeting new clients

Meeting new clients can be an expensive affair as you might be forced to attend pocket draining events. Pokémon Go is a cheap way to meet new clients that only costs data and battery charge.

Value of incentives

Pokémon will demonstrate to you the importance of acknowledging ongoing investments by offering small rewards as incentives. The structure of the game play is such that you are constantly captivated and engaged by the challenges and the related rewards.

Targeted marketing

Pokémon can be a handy way to infiltrate a group of people you think might benefit your marketing efforts naturally, and avoid the negative aspects of hard-sell marketing tactics.


The relaxing aspect of Pokémon Go is bound to cool you down and make you more friendly. It will, therefore, enhance your quality of interaction with people during gameplay.

It can teach you important marketing lessons

Pokémon Go is full of marketing lessons that you can learn. For starters, it launched when kids were at home which made its viral progress more probable.

The numbers

The number of people playing Pokémon means that as a marketer, you will have a big pool of people you can approach to advance your marketing goals.


You can use Pokémon as a basis for instigating smart marketing deals such as striving to make a restaurant a ‘Pokestop’ which will improve the popularity of the restaurant.

The above reasons clearly prove that playing Pokémon can be very beneficial for the smart marketer out to take advantage new opportunities. As you play the game, however, remember to take precautions to safeguard your well-being.