20 Reasons for Playing Pokémon Go as Millennial


20 Reasons for Playing Pokémon Go as a Millennial

The Pokémon Go sensation is as wild as it can get and it is what defines humans. Individuals enjoying the game have varied reasons for the same including having fun and sampling the power of augmented reality. As a millennial, there are core reasons for playing Pokémon Go and they include:

Offers a chance to interact

The beauty of Pokémon Go is that people get to interact and millennials can be proud of the fact that it enables people become social and enjoy the company of different personalities.

Physical movement

The significant reason for playing Pokémon Go as a millennial is the exercise that comes with physical movement when searching for Pokémon.


Pokémon Go is adventurous since a player does not know what to expect with every challenge. Millennials admire adventure and love being in the middle of it which makes playing Pokémon Go worth the while.

Perfect use of leisure time

Leisure time for millennials is always littered with staying indoors and watching cable TV but with Pokémon Go, individuals are given the chance to use leisure time in going out and catching them all.

Enables one become a Live Action Role Player

Live Action Role Player has always been a fantasy that millennials look forward to and with Pokémon Go, individuals are offered the chance to be a part of live action and actually play a role in determining how it plays out.

Allows for exploring

Millennials have thrilling personalities that always look for something exciting to associate with. Pokémon Go offers a chance for exploring and finding new adventures which is satisfying to all millennials.

It is engaging

Pokémon Go is an engaging game and the fact that it utilizes Augmented Reality makes the whole experience one to look forward to.

Satisfies nostalgia

Millennials relate to Pokémon Go from the earlier years of the console game when it had the characters that defined the childhood. Pokémon Go satisfies nostalgia by offering an avenue for going back in time.

Ensures no detachment from society

Most games make individuals experience detachment from society either by being hooked to the screens in the indoor setting or secluding oneself. Pokémon Go ensures individuals get to be a part of the society at Pokestops and gyms.

It is fun filled

It is a fun game to play and it gives people incentive to always go ahead and find the next Pokémon. Its interactive nature ensures the fun never ends.

Important for mental health

Millennials are part of a generation that suffers anxiety, depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. Pokémon Go is perfect for relieving the stress and aiding mental health by offering a pathway for interactions and social engagement.

Reconnecting with nature

Millennials are living in the digital world where devices have taken over but with the Pokémon Go game, individuals are being offered the chance of using the devices to reconnect with nature and enjoy the outdoors.

Helps with marketing strategies

Playing Pokémon Go helps with marketing strategies and enables millennials advance the tactics for capturing the target market through offerings and giveaways for players.

Creates gaming communities

Gaming communities are settings where players get to interact and enjoy the leisure time and Pokémon Go offers millennials the chance to create and join existing gaming communities that influence socialization.

Inspires communication

Gyms and Pokestops are perfect joints for inspiring communication since players gather to have the best experiences and this enhances the aspect of socializing.

Visiting landmarks

Pokestops in the Pokémon Go game are landmarks that have significance to the national heritage be it monuments or places of interest. Millennials can enjoy these landmarks when playing which improves the honoring of national heritage icons.

It is involving

Pokémon Go is involving as it brings together people from varied spheres of life. It can be played by millennials and other generations in the same wavelength which means it is open to the whole society.

Facilitates the outgoing nature

Millennials who do not possess the outgoing personality and have not embraced the nature of having a free spirit that loves adventure can look towards Pokémon Go as an avenue that will allow them to go out and have fun.

It is a free solution to boredom

Pokémon Go is free to play and it is a perfect solution to boredom that arises from spending time at one location. With the aspect of moving around searching for Pokémon, millennials are offered a free avenue to fun.

Allows for bonding

Bonding is by far the most admirable factor that people can trace from Pokémon Go. With Pokestops and Gyms, millennials get to bond and learn new skills, ideas and experiences which all serve to enhance the significance of the learning curve.