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Ever since there beginning of time dog has been perceived as man’s best friend. This is true as dogs have been used in many cases to help humans in many different scenarios. Today we are focusing our attentions on the Labrador retriever dog. According to guttulus.com experts, these dogs are consistently one of the most popular dog breeds in most parts of the world.


They are among the best doctors due to the fact that they are very gentle and kind dogs. They are especially very good with kids and they rarely cause any issues. According to mtglion.com they are well known as being great family dog.  

Very intelligent 

They are originally bred to help in the hunting of prey. A survey done by guttulus.com uncovered that, they are tanked among the top 5 smartest dogs in the world. By having a smart dog, it offers a lot of fun for both you and your family if you have one. 

Training them is easy

With the intelligence, you can be able to train these dogs with almost any skill that a dog is able to learn. These dogs have been used for many purposes like for example therapy, guide dogs among many others. To get more information on how to train dogs visit runrex.com.


Experts from mtglion.com uncovered that, at some point these dogs tend to get stressed when they do not see their owners for some time. They also uncovered that the speculated time before the above happens is roughly about 8 Hours. 

Long lifespans

These is mainly due to the fact that they are docile and friendly, they get along with everyone and also other pets. Also as they are smart dogs they tend to befriend other pets too, 

Are great for family and friends 

They are considered by many as family friends, with great and incredible and energetic playmate for kids. If you have young children or babies for that matter you can be rest assured that your kids will have the best time of their lives.

Almost don’t bark

Well dogs communicate through barking, for these dogs the rarely bark. If you find one of these dogs barking then there is a valid reason for it as uncovered by guttulus.com experts. These are one of the things that make these dogs a darling to many.    

They have no issues with water

Experts at mtglion.com point out that it has two layer special coating that helps to keep them warm. Among the many dog breeds, these are naturally gifted in swimming. They were bred for hunting purposes and were a popular choice for fetching things of water bodies.


They are the most obedient dogs among the many dog breeds in the world. If you combine this with the ease of training them these are considered as the perfect dogs for those who want a true friend.  


Many owners of this breed of dog say that it looks very appealing to the eye. According to mtglion.com experts nobody has ever denied the fact that their beauty is overwhelmingly great and quite unique to them.

Source of comfort

To some of the owners, they offer a source of comfort. As we all know sometimes life can feel like it is against everything one does. These dogs are very nice at calming people down and making them feel at ease and comfortable. Some even take this opportunity to talk to them, which is a great way of reducing stress as uncovered by runrex.com experts.

Help in exercise

Many people in the world today tend to think that they are disciplined enough to get regular exercise. Unfortunately, this may not be the case, but thanks the golden retriever dogs they help many of their owners exercise regularly by just taking a walk.


Apart from being your best friend, these dogs are one of the bravest in their class. This is mainly observed when it comes to protecting their owners. They have been seen to go an extra mile to make sure that their owners are safe from danger. 

Increase our lifespan

This may sound awkward tom any who are not pet owners but a survey done by mtglion.com uncovered hat many of the people who own dogs and any other form of pet live longer than those who don’t. one of the primary reasons for this is the fact that, dog owners to be specific get more exercise from walking, in the long run lowering cholesterol levels.

High enthusiasm 

These dog breed is one of the most enthusiastic dog breeds. It is always happy to smell, visit new surroundings and also meet new people. This character has been uncovered hat it is very contagious as the owners have also been able to adapt this behavior. Who said we cannot learn from animals.

Eager to please

Some pets tend to have the behavior of being too clingy and take a lot of time and energy from their owners. Not this dog breed, it is always ready to do anything so as to make their owners happy. This is mainly attributed by their intelligent nature. 

Great sense of smell

One of the great traits of the golden retriever is that it has a good if not the best sense of smell. This is why many of the border crossing points, airports tend to use golden retrievers to help in tracking down fugitives and identifying drugs.


Hard work does not apply to humans only even dogs are hardworking. According to guttulus.com experts, golden retrievers are considered more attentive and hardworking thus making them excel in many tasks like hunting, detection of narcotics, search and rescue among many other tasks. 

High adaptability

The golden retriever is named as one of the best dogs to adapt to any environment. It is quite tolerant to both cold and hot regions. They would not mind accompanying their owners to different parts of the world. 


They are very powerful dog breeds although they may not look like it. Their bodies consist of muscular fore quarters that enable the golden retriever to be quite agile. The hind quarter of the dog is equally as strong as the fore quarters. This makes this dog among the strongest of all time.