20 Reasons to Play Monster Strike: Monster Strike Store Near Me

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20 Reasons to Play Monster Strike: Monster Strike Store Near Me

As explained at RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com, Monster Strike is a mobile Japanese role-playing physics game with elements of puzzle, strategy, and cooperative multiplayer. The game can be summed up as a cross between Nintendo’s Pokémon and Capcom’s Metal Walker; the former in that it centers around monster collecting and the latter in that battles take place using catapult mechanics. If you are thinking about getting in on the action, here are the top 20 reasons to play Monster Strike.


If you used to watch the popular Monster Strike anime, then there is no better reason to play the game than this one as per RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com. If you have an attachment to any of the monsters in the anime, then playing this game will give you a chance to connect with it at a whole new level.

A hybrid game

Monster Strike is a bit of a hybrid game that combines old school mechanics with new school technology. Developer Mixi has managed to create a game that owes just as much to throwback physical classics like marbles and pinball as it does to Pokémon. The hybrid isn’t perfect but is extremely fun to watch.

Straightforward combat

Combat in Monster Strike seems exceptionally straightforward, which is good news. In single-player mode, you have four monsters that appear as little marbles. You pull back and then let them fly and hit enemies as articulated at RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com. If you do enough damage to your enemies, you will clear the stage.

Tactical game

Monster Strike is very tactical which makes it interesting and enjoyable to play. You will have tactical choices to choose from when you deploy their “Strike Shot”, a super-powerful attack that varies depending on the monster. You can target boosts that will regain your health, augment your speed, or upgrade your power for a certain number of turns.

A freemium game that is actually free

One of the reasons why Monster Strike is so popular, and why you should play it, is because it is a freemium game that actually doesn’t interrupt gameplay with the need for in-app purchases. And while there are several in-game currencies to keep track of, the balance is largely in the player\s favor.

Easier to earn in-game currency

When it comes to in-game currency, orbs are the main piece and can be earned by logging into the game for a couple of days in a row, adding friends, or completing missions in the campaign according to RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com. After playing for a couple of hours, you will never hurt for orbs again – the game just seems to be giving them away.

Other gems are more difficult to come by to balance the scale

While in-game currency must be easy to earn, some level of difficulty is still required for a game to be enjoyable. Monster Strike recognizes this which is where other currencies in the game are harder to come by. The gems That are necessary to upgrade your monsters are rare, and it requires a ridiculous amount of them to utilize.

Easy to level up your monster

When you play through the main campaign, you will find that the game does a great job of letting you level your monsters up as you progress so that you are never overwhelmed as captured at RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com.

A sense of community

When playing Monster Strike, not only is it in your best interest to choose a super-powered helper, but you can also ask them to be your friend afterward. It is a clever move to add friends to build a network of fellow players, and that is a huge factor in the game’s favor.

Connects you with fellow players in your locality

While you can recruit or join a team when playing Monster Strike, it is limited to your immediate area – using location services. This is a great move by the game’s creators as it helps players connect with fellow players in their area, bringing people together. This also allows you to access some of the better monsters and gems in the game.

A familiar story

As covered at RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com, the story of this game follows a lot of common anime tropes and does so quite well. The overall impression, therefore, is similar to that of Digimon, without being an obvious knock-off of the same.

Robust plot

In addition to following a lot of common anime tropes as already mentioned, the game’s plot is also surprisingly robust for a gacha game spin-off title. On the face of things, it is based on the anime series which ran from 2015 to 2016, but it quickly spins away into a new story with the same characters and some of the same random scenes.

More controls

While the original mobile touch controls are still present to a degree, the 3DS game is playable with just the buttons as described at RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com. The joystick lets the player pull back and aim the strike, to be released by a press of the A button. These additional controls and many others make playing the game easier.

Great balance between difficulty and reward

The 3DS version of Monster Strike reduces the levels of ‘fun pain’, which is the carefully balanced mix of difficulty and reward that mobile phone gacha games utilize to keep the player wanting to try it again even as they keep dying. In this game, it is surprisingly manageable, at least for the main bulk of the story campaign.

Borrows heavily from the anime

Monster Strike borrows its entire visual aesthetic from the original game and anime, which is generally a good thing. While there is always more that could be done, the main town and Shibuya have a good variety of visually distinct locations, and nothing appears to have been diminished by the experience.

Great music and voice

In addition to its visual aesthetic, the music and voice acting both benefits from the deeper resources provided by the anime as discussed at RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com. This means that these two aspects of the game are also excellently done.

Value for money

Monster Strike is also a very cheap game on the secondhand market now, and any budget-minded game importer could likely get it for a decent price. The fact that it provides a good amount of gameplay for its price point is another positive of the game.

Location-based features

Similar to Pokémon Go, Monster Strike has a location-based feature where gamers can earn items that can be used in the game and useful powers that can help them in their quests, from spots that appear in facilities and locations in the real world. As outlined at RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com, these are known as Mon Spots.

The game takes you back to a simpler time

Monster Strike harkens back to the pre-internet era; a time when “multiplayer” meant going to a friend’s house or hitting the local arcade. By reaching back into gaming’s past, Monster Strike offers the novelty of playing with close friends in the literal sense.

A smaller, more focused game

The Monster Strike team felt many game fans don’t have time to invest in “big” games with giant worlds and complicated plots. This is why the team focused on making a smaller, more focused game, starting with its palm-sized playing fields that encapsulate all the action.

These are some of the reasons to play Monster Strike, with the top-rated RunRex.com, guttulus.com, and mtglion.com having you covered when looking for a Monster Strike store near you.