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It really does not matter when you found out about his game and at what age you found out about it, but this is the time to start playing this card game. This card game has been around for over 30 years now as uncovered by guttulus.com experts and over the years it has been voted as one of the best games in the industry. Mtglion.com has generated a list of some of the reasons you need to consider playing magic the gathering.

It is popular

It is rated as among the most popular games in the whole world. The franchise deals with toys, trading cards, video games and other merchandise. Even so its popularity continues to grow all over the world despite the nostalgia.

Profitable venture

Many people tend to see trading card games as a waste of both time and money. What many people do not realize is that it can also be a business venture. Some Pokémon cards are worth a fortune if sold at the right place and time. 

Competitive game

Just like other card games it is one of the most competitive games you will find on this world of card games. It brings out people from all walks of life, with different strategies which later on makes playing the game quite fun. Visit rurex.com to get more insights on the tournament venues.

Social game 

It is one of the best ways people get to socialize. This is especially seen when one gets to play in huge tournaments like the world championship. It gives the gamers a chance to socialize with people from different backgrounds and cultures too as uncovered by mtglion.com. 

Easy to play

You only need to know the rules and also make sure that you are able to understand the basic things on your cards like the power, special skills among many others. If you need to go for the big games, you need to study the rules thoroughly before venturing into such events.


This game is not only based on the competitive nature it is also a good way to look for collectibles f you ae into such kinds of things. Guttulus.com have been able to point out that, there are communities that have made it their cause to collect and appreciate the beauty of these Pokémon cards. 

Community based

As named above, this game has an impressive community that will make you feel at home and welcome. This is so as there are pre-organized weekly events that bring about the people from all walks of life. In such events you will be tempted to pick up a booster pack and look to make a trade.


This game like any other game is always evolving. This is mainly attributed by the great idea of new cards being introduced almost all the time. This is among the things that really make this game fun and interesting. Some cards can be also traded in or even auctioned for a great sum.

Easy to grasp concepts

According to mtglion.com experts, each of the colors on each card has its own meaning or a landscape if you like to go with the gaming terms. Some of the colors include blue, green, black just to name but a few.

Level of artwork

The Pokémon cards are known for having the best form of artwork. To some the cards are considered masterpieces. The cards here are universally loved and this has been the main thing in boosting the relevance and love for the game. 


I this new age of technology many of people’s hobbies revolve around screens. Having a hobby that involves no screens might seem to be boring. But worry not, Pokémon is one of the hobbies that are both fun and interesting.

Decision making

While playing the game you will have to make some tough calls, for example, which card to play and which one to sacrifice, which one to leave out from your deck among many others. This will not only help you in the game but also it will help boost your decision making skills in your day to day life as uncovered by runrex.com.


In a game situation strategy is a key component and you need to make sure that your strategy is one that leaves your opponent having zero life and you having taken the lowest number of blows as possible. To get the best strategies for beginners visit mtglion.com. 


Age is not an issue when it comes to Pokémon, this is so as anyone can play. The only thing that one needs to know before playing is the rules and what your cards can do. After that you are good to go.

Cheap to play

There is a certain notion that hobbies that revolve around trading card games is very expensive and a complete waste of time. According to guttulus.com experts it is one of the cheapest ways to spend your free time as compared to buying a game console or buying games among many others.

The game grows your personality

After a survey done by runrex.com on how the game influences ones personality, it was uncovered that, many people changed for the best. The best thing that helped change the personality was when one won or lost they got to understand that it is only a game and no one needs top rub it in the others face.

Boosts intelligence

During a game you need to be a fast thinker in order to overcome some of the strategies your opponent may use against you. Due to this mtglion.com pointed out that many grew to be smarter than they were which is quite a good thing.

Does not really require much

For the game to be played it only needs for one to have a great deck of cards, a flat surface and you are good to go. It is among the best and easiest games to play in the world of gaming. The best thing is that anyone can play, how cool is that?


It has a huge community, this community is found on almost all social media platforms where there are newsletters, news on anything new in the game among many other things. The best things about these communities is that the experts help out the newbies which is quite a lovely gesture.

Following of instructions

For kids it is a good way of instilling discipline of good instruction following. This is so because the game is fundamentally based on instructions and for the game to be exciting and fun the individual will need to follow the instructions ad rules to the latter as pointed out by runrex.com.