20 Social Media Tips for a Dental Clinic


20 Social Media Tips for a Dental Clinic

The internet and social media is proving to be a gold mine for businesses seeking new clients. Social media sites like Facebook attract an excess of 200million people daily. The future of marketing seemingly lies in utilizing social media as a marketing platform in conjunction with other brick and mortar marketing strategies. To increase the efficacy of social media marketing, some important unwritten rules and tips can be of great help. Below are 20 tips to help you utilize social media better as a marketing tool for your dental clinic.

Accept social media bookings

Strive to make social media an extension of your clinic by making it possible for people to book appointments via social media. If you feel you are not ready to take this step, you can direct social media contacts to book on your site instead.

Share varied health tips

Show an interest in the general wellbeing of your followers by sharing helpful health insight and tips. It will enhance the image of your clinic.

Be responsive to queries

Have a responsive approach to dental related queries on social media. It will help in cultivating a positive image for your dental clinic.

Be professional

Strive for professionalism in all social media interactions. It will promote your dental clinic’s brand as professional oriented. Therefore, you should avoid overly emotional responses on social media.

Only share relevant content

Avoid random content and build a culture of sharing content that is relevant to your practice and the health of your social media followers.

Pictures and videos

Use pictures and videos to your advantage to improve the captivating aspect of your social media posts. Text only posts should be avoided.

Share success dental stories

Everyone loves a success story. You can share patient testimonials and other successful health stories you were actively involved in to promote your social media image as a capable dentist.

Always include your contacts

Always include your contacts in all social media posts. Strive to do it in a well-crafted manner so that your content comes off as wholesome rather than a marketing gimmick.

Help the needy

Be a help to the community around you. For instance, you can decide to be offering your services to the needy free of charge and sharing such stories on social media once or twice a month. It will endear you to the people.

Take part in local causes

Take part in local health related or beneficial causes and share such on your social media platforms. It will improve the exposure of your clinic to locals who should be your target market.

Social media campaigns

You can fund a social media campaign to improve local penetration of your brand and get to the people most likely to be in dire need of dental services.

Promote dental awareness

Try as much as possible to promote dental awareness so that people can see the need for your services.

Follow relevant dental bodies

Search and follow relevant dental bodies and be a part of dental associations. It will improve the quality of your brand as a serious clinic that esteems provision of quality dental services to clients.

Appealing branding

Your social media branding should be appealing and attractive. You can hire a professional to handle your social media branding to make it congruent with the clinic’s branding to achieve uniformity.

Be friendly

You should assume a friendly disposition on social media. Your followers should see you as approachable and friendly because human interaction is an integral part of dentistry practice.


Monitor the business and leads you get through social media. It will furnish you with data that will help you know if it is a channel you should put more focus on.

Encourage ratings

Encourage satisfied patients to rate you on social media. It will help improve your credibility as well as enhance the trust people have in your services

Social media marketing tools

You can use social media marketing tools to reduce the weight of handling your clinic’s social media responsibilities and to better serve and reach your target demographic. For instance, some tools can help you know when most people are likely to see your posts.

Employ a social media professional

From LinkedIn, to Facebook, to Twitter; the baggage of maintaining effective presence on all social media platforms while still concentrating on providing top-notch dental services may be a challenge. Consider hiring a social media professional to do it for you.

Network with health institutions

Make a point of networking with health institutions on social media and in real life as well. It may work to your advantage by earning you many referrals as is common in the medical industry.

Brand building may take a while but its rewards are worthwhile. Focus on quality dental services as your chief marketing tactic and build all else around that base. If you use this approach, your patients will market what you have to offer via word-of-mouth which is one of the most potent marketing strategies.