20 Social Media Tips for a Patent Law Firm


20 social media Tips for a patent law firm

Social media is arguably the most advanced platform for advertising as it has mass viewership and usage which are both crucial to any marketing campaign. With a patent law firm, social media can be used in both marketing and building the brand which will attract traffic and enhance the client consideration owing to the authenticity of the accounts.

Posting insights on patent law

As a fundamental strategy that enhances confidence in the brand, a patent law firm can utilize the posting of insights on patent law to build their brand and also enhance the knowledge of users on the law.

Sharing links to relevant information on patent law

All relevant information is important when it comes to understanding law and a patent law firm can utilize social media to post links to relevant information on patent law that will educate users and ensure the potential clients get to understand basic aspects of the law.

Using layman terms and language

When a patent law firm seeks to engage users on social media, layman terms and language should be used as it is what the followers can resonate with and understand. This is a strategy that will increase credibility of a brand on the online platform.

Regular updates

Followers on social media love being updated and getting new and fresh information that relates to what they need to know and regular updates can serve the purpose of ensuring clients learn all about patent law.

Advertising networking opportunities

A patent law firm can gain new work through using social media to advertise networking opportunities where the firm gets to interact with the target audience and impart foundational knowledge on patent law which will aid in the potential clients opening up to further engagements.

Engage followers

Social media is all about interaction and the way followers are engaged and a patent law firm can take advantage of this by hiring a dedicated social media specialist to engage with the target audience and capture their concerns and recommendations.

Recognizing significant days in practice

Posting about significant days in patent law like landmark rulings and recapping the significance of the same is a sure way to improve follower consideration and association. Recognizing the significant days allows users to evaluate knowledge on the evolution of patent law.

Commenting on patent law blogs

Patent law blogs have become hubs of information relay and commenting on them using the official social media accounts can map a firm among the considerations that clients make when searching for competent law practices.

Building referral programs

A patent law firm can utilize social media to structure a referral program where users share the posts and content that touch on patent law to their friends and associates that may need representation. A firm may even offer discounts for the referrals which will incentivize the process.

Riding the buzz with trending hashtags on patent law

Patent law firms can utilize social media to gain recognition by riding the buzz created by trending hashtags through commenting, liking or sharing while mentioning the hashtag.

Linking social media platforms

With varied social media platforms available, the accounts can be linked to ensure traffic and posts are consistent. For instance, Twitter can be linked to Facebook where tweets on Twitter are also posted on Facebook automatically.

Promoting posts

Although it is a paid strategy, it improves the online presence of the social media account which in turn leads to increased traffic which consequently means higher conversions that improve the client base.

Utilizing different accounts for personal and professional use

Separating personal and professional accounts is crucial for patent law firms as it guarantees personal opinion is not mistaken for the professional perception that a practice has.

Sharing litigation victories

Social media is an effective platform for sharing litigation victories as it guarantees exposure and recognition on a wider scale.

Updating users on developments in patent law

Developments in patent law are inevitable since the world of intellectual property keeps evolving and sharing the developments on social media will ultimately give users the fundamental information.

Sharing court decisions on patent law

Existing court cases on patent law are a perfect mode for users to understand the position of the law on Intellectual Property and sharing the decisions is a proper way of educating the potential clients.

Reviewing posts with sensitive information before posting

Social media is huge and the potential impact of a post is unprecedented which is why a patent all firm has to ensure that all posts with sensitive information are reviewed prior to posting.

Intelligent commenting on trending patent cases

Commenting on existing court cases may sometimes be judged as a punishable offence but intelligent commenting on the trending cases in court can be an effective way of gaining followers and showcasing prowess in the area of patent law.

Using Tumblr and Pinterest to share inventions

Tumblr and Pinterest are social media platforms where a patent law firm can share inventions and encourage potential clients to follow through with an application for a patent.

Structuring public presentations

Public presentations on social media are magnets for potential clients in the patent law niche as it gives the target audience a glimpse of the representation they can get.