20 Social Media Tips for a Trademark Law Firm


20 Social Media Tips for a Trademark Law Firm

The success strategy for any trademark law firm is simple: to get as many high profile clients as possible. Considering the number of startups that are taking the world by storm, it becomes a matter of business survival to be able to reach some of these startups at their onset. One of the best ways of doing it is through social media because for sure, any business with a hope of being in the big league knows that utilizing social media marketing is inescapable. Below are 20 tips that will help make your trademark law firm’s social media activities more effective.

Share bespoke legal content

Only share content that has some legal element and is helpful to your followers. Ideally, it should make your followers want to know more and visit your website or contact you.

Foster connection with other legal sites

You can foster healthy connections with other legal websites by sharing some of their helpful content and including their links in your posts. This way, your websites SEO ranking for trademark law firms increases and you get to build a healthy network.

Make social media an integral part of your site

Google ranks sites that are integrated with different social media sites better than those that are not. To improve your site’s rankings, integrate your social media pages with your website.

Be active

A post or two posts a week will not cut it. The goal is to develop brand awareness so that anyone that needs trademark services will come to you.

Be helpful on social media

You can be helpful by answering questions asked on your social media pages and making sure that those in need of legal help know where to go.

Be professional

All your law firm’s activities on social media should have a strong vibe of professionalism. Lack of professionalism will suggest to clients that maybe the trademark services you offer are not professional.


From your site to your social media page, there should be uniformity. This way, the image of your brand will stick in your many people’s minds.

Network with other industry players

Search the businesses in your area you might be interested in and follow trademark related bodies. Get involved in their posts in a thoughtful way and it will make you noticeable especially if you are just starting out.


Get involved with local voluntary work and share it on social media. Most companies that want to build a positive image focus on doing something for the immediate community; you should too.

Legal courtesy

If you are approached by people on social media that you cannot directly help, express legal courtesy by guiding them somewhere they can get the help they need.

Take a stand on issues

Taking a stand on issues can be a great way to get attention. You however have to be careful concerning what you take a stand for or against.

Share stories of thankful customers you helped out

Stories of some of the businesses and establishments you have helped out will help in giving your trademark law firm a good, trustworthy name on social media.

Avoid online spats

A troublesome client or a trouble maker may bring the fight to your doorstep on social media. Be very careful how you handle such episodes as your business image may be on the line.

Avoid bragging

At no point should it come off as if your firm is arrogant on social media. It is a turn and it may slowly lead to people giving your firm a wide berth on social media and in real life as well.

Include some of the high profile clients you have worked with on your pages

Including your high profile clients in your social media pages cultivates credibility regarding your ability to handle any trademark issue.

Utilize social media marketing instruments

From research tools to instruments that can help you manage your social media posts, you can greatly reduce the hassle, and increase social media efficacy by using social media marketing instruments.

Pictures and videos

According to research, your posts should include a relevant picture or a video if you want to be more captivating.

Targeted campaigns

Targeting can be based on occupation, age, locality, interests and more; this way, you will be able to access people who are more likely to be in need of trademarking services.


Monitor your social media impact to know what you should work on.

Hire a professional

You will have peace of mind and confidence that you are putting your best foot forward on social media by hiring an experienced professional.

Remember to always include your contacts and links to your website on all your posts. Integrate them into the posts so that it does not come off as a disguised hard-shell tactic. Additionally, focus on offering quality services since a big chunk of new business for lawyers depends on reputation and word-of-mouth