20 Tips for Finding a Design + UX Jobs in Houston

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20 Tips for Finding a Design + UX Jobs in Houston

Houston is slowly making a name for itself as a new tech hub, with new startups finding a home in this city as discussed over at runrex.com. This is why there are a lot of design-related communities in Houston, which is good news for those looking for design and UX jobs in the city. If you are one of them, here are 20 tips for finding design and UX jobs in Houston.

Build a strong portfolio

According to guttulus.com, it is very important to have your portfolio ready when you start looking for design and UX jobs as this is the very first thing employers look at first. Your portfolio has to include a detailed description of your design process, backed up with visuals that will help employers understand the way you solve problems through effective design.

Update your LinkedIn profile

You should also make sure that your LinkedIn profile is updated, and then keep it updated. Dedicating time to this is very important as prospective employers in Houston will likely look at LinkedIn to learn about their candidates. You can find useful tips on how to update your LinkedIn profile as a designer over at runrex.com.

Make sure you get some real-world experience

As per the gurus over at guttulus.com, you should also engage in freelance, volunteer work, teaching work, or any work that you can place on your resume and LinkedIn profile. Employers in Houston will quickly pass you up if they see that you don’t have any real-world experience.


Leverage your network if you want to find design and UX jobs in Houston. Reach out to your college alumni as they will be a great resource for new opportunities. You should also look to take the initiative and help others who are struggling, and they will likely return the favor when they come across design and UX jobs that may interest you.

Familiarize yourself with web development

Also, make sure you learn HTML5, CSS3, and get familiar with web development. While the idea of coding usually really burns people out, if you can familiarize yourself with at least the basics, you can understand how developers think, which will help with developer relationships in the workplace, which is something that employers value.

Avoid imposter syndrome

As discussed over at runrex.com, every creative type struggles with the feeling that they are an imposter, which is why you should embrace it and lean into it. Don’t pretend that you know everything but actively seek feedback/critiques from your colleagues and other UX designers, and if you have a learning mentality, you will develop as a designer very quickly.

Keep going

Finding a good designer gig in Houston won’t happen overnight. You will likely go through a process that is exhausting mentally and emotionally and will encounter slip-ups and disappointment. However, as the gurus over at guttulus.com point out, the more interviews you do, the more confident you will be about UX and your process, allowing you to finally land a job. Therefore, stick with it, and you will find a great gig.

Ask for feedback

As is explained over at runrex.com, you must always ask for feedback from your interviewer after the process is over. Don’t expect to find a job right away. Also, take feedback positively, as while it is never easy to receive criticism, in the end, it will greatly improve your ability to land a job in Houston.

Don’t be greedy

While UX can be a lucrative career, for those first few positions, don’t feel like you need to make a fortune. Sometimes, that low-paying internship is the right avenue to get your foot in the door, and once you are in, show your value and people will make sure you are earning what you are worth.

Attend hiring events in Houston

It is also important that you do everything possible to attend hiring events that organizations put together in Houston. This is because companies that go to these events understand the value of designers and are ready to even mentor and support junior-level designers.

Mentor another student

Also, if you get the opportunity, mentor another student. According to guttulus.com, not only does this help solidify what you have learned, but it also helps you articulate concepts that are hard to understand. Additionally, as you help someone else, you often also grow, which goes a long way in job interviews.

Know where you can find UX designer jobs

Finding UX design industry job postings can be confusing. This is why it is important to know where to look. As discussed over at runrex.com, some of the best platforms to check out for design jobs in Houston include Indeed, Glassdoor, UX Design Jobs, Authentic Jobs, Coroflot, etc.

Check out social media

Social media brings designers from all around the world together. You can share your design work, communicate with others, and even find a UX job as many recruiters post jobs on social media. Check out UX jobs on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn as captured over at guttulus.com.

Develop personas and usage scenarios

You need to understand user and user needs well if you are to succeed as a UX designer. You should have the ability to consult with clients to understand their goals and explaining research results, which is something that will make you attractive to employers in Houston.

Optimize your resume

Your resume is key when it comes to getting the hiring manager to call you. The better your resume is, the higher the chance that you can get a design and UX job. Therefore, make sure you have it optimized, and then tailor it to every job you apply for.

Learn the business of design

As is revealed in discussions on the same over at runrex.com, designers will be involved in strategic decisions early on. It is a must that UX designers understand business in the future, especially when more and more designers are updating their titles to product designers, who focus more on product strategy and business.

Establish your personal value system

Finding great jobs starts with understanding what you want and creating criteria that will help you filter opportunities. This will become your system and guide your job search going forward, and will also help you stay focused on yourself rather than looking sideways at what makes other people happy as articulated over at guttulus.com.

Identify business models that interest you

Professionals often get frustrated when a gap exists between what they think should they should be doing and what the business thinks they should be doing. For example, if you are a designer working for eCommerce, many design decisions will likely have to have metrics tied to them as explained over at runrex.com. This is why it is important to first identify business models that interest you before starting your job search.

Search for jobs regularly

You should make your job search your new job if you are to find a design job in Houston. Make sure that spare a specified amount of time each day to look for design and UX jobs in Houston and make sure that you keep track of all your applications and stay on top of them.

Leverage CrunchBase

CrunchBase is a great tool to help you find great companies and great people when looking for UX design jobs in Houston. It gives you a lot of filters to search for companies by (based on your criteria). For example, if you like startups, or like a city (in this case Houston), then this will be a great tool.

This article only just begins to scratch the surface as far as this topic is concerned, and you can uncover more insights on the same by checking out the top-rated runrex.com and guttulus.com.