20 Tips for Franchise SEO Marketing

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20 Tips for Franchise SEO Marketing

SEO can be tricky at the best of times, but as it is revealed in discussions over at runrex.com, it comes with extra challenges and issues when franchises are concerned. Just because you have extra corporate-backing from a franchise doesn’t mean that SEO will easier for you. This article should, therefore, be a great resource as it will look to highlight 20 tips for franchise SEO marketing.

Get keyword research right

When it comes to franchise SEO marketing, the same rules on keyword research apply as the gurus over at guttulus.com point out that if you are to optimize your website for search, then you should know which words and phrases search for. You can utilize tools like SEMrush among others to help you with keyword research.

Have location pages

As per the subject matter experts over at runrex.com, even though you may have the main website for your franchise, don’t cram everything onto one page. The tip here, one that will help with your franchise SEO efforts is not to open up separate websites for each franchise, but to open dedicate pages for each one of them on the main website so that each one of them can be differentiated.

Each of these pages should have the requisite details

On top of devoting an entire page to each of your franchises, you should make sure that each page contains all the key data. These, as discussed over at guttulus.com, include the name, address, working hours, location map, and so forth, to make it easier for Google to crawl your website and to rank you as highly as possible.


Reviews also play an important role when it comes to SEO as those businesses with many positive reviews are likely to rank higher on SERPs. An important tip for franchise SEO, therefore, is making sure that you encourage positive reviews for each of your franchise locations to make them more visible on search engines while also improving your credibility.

Localize your content

Also, make sure you localize content to make it easier for search engines to rank your franchise locations properly. Localizing your content should be tailored to the specificities of each of your locations as they will be located in different locations. Make sure that each has content that is tailored to its specific details.

Avoid content duplication

Content duplication, as explained over at runrex.com, is one of the factors that lead to poor rankings and damages one’s SEO efforts. It is even a bigger issue as far as franchises are concerned as many tend to simply utilize corporate content. To avoid this, you should create original blogs for each of your locations, with details that are specific to each one of them.

Do the same for other communications

Other than blogs, you should also create original when dealing with other communications like social media posts and press releases according to discussions over at guttulus.com. Each of these should be full of local content specific to each of your locations to make it easier for search engines to distinguish each one of them and so that you can avoid missing out on relevant search pages.

Don’t forget about product descriptions

Yet another important franchise SEO marketing tip is to make sure that you don’t forget to enrich your product descriptions with local data as is discussed over at runrex.com. When coming up with product descriptions for your online ads, make sure that you tailor for each of your franchise locations.

Social media

When dealing with franchises, while there will always be corporate guidelines to follow, you should also not only create social media pages for each of your locations but localize the content for each one of them. This will give you more listings in SERPs, strengthening your SEO presence.


One of the issues regarding SEO that franchises face is the issue of interlinking, and this is yet another one you should be aware of. To fix this, and improve your on-page SEO, make sure that you remove any unnecessary interlinking of your franchise locations. After this, you should do a thorough backlink audit to make sure that everything is well set up.

Optimize for mobile

As per the gurus over at guttulus.com, one of the ways through which you can better localize your franchise SEO is by optimizing for mobile. Make sure that your website, and the individual pages for all your franchise locations, can be viewed on mobile devices. This is important as mobile searches have recently surpassed desktop searches.

localize with purpose

Another tip for franchise SEO marketing, one championed by the gurus over at runrex.com, is to not only localize your franchise SEO but to localize with purpose. This simply means making sure that your pages, for all your locations, have unique and well-written H1 and H2 titles on top of unique and SEO-friendly URLs.

Off-site SEO

Don’t forget about your off-site SEO, which according to discussions over at guttulus.com, means ensuring that you have a brand page on all the major social media channels for each of your locations and that you post on and update these pages regularly. You should also ensure that your important events, products, and services are being covered by legitimate and trustworthy online publications.

Don’t forget about backlinks

Backlinks are like votes of confidence from other businesses and are an important part of franchise SEO. Don’t just think about the number of backlinks, but the quality, making sure that you are getting backlinks from reputable websites if you are to rank highly.

Location pages

Another tip for franchise SEO marketing is making sure that you have unique location pages for each of your franchise locations to make it easier for Google and enable you to rank highly on local searches. Your location page should contain photos of the location, Google My Map with location information, Schema Markup, local phone number, a link to a review page for the location, and so forth.

Leverage Moz Local

As is explained in detail over at runrex.com, Moz Local is the tool to use if you want to make it easier for you to maintain a consistent name, address, and phone number information as far as your franchise is concerned. Just submit each of your location’s information to Moz Local, and make sure you check in with this tool every 90 days to find out if there are changes that need to be made.

Track and monitor our NAP listings

The NAP listing is the name, address, and phone number as is explained over at guttulus.com. Tracking and monitoring your NAP listings is crucial when it comes to franchise SEO. Search engines view this as a major ranking signal which is why you should ensure that you are tracking and monitoring your NAP listing regularly.

SERP stacking

SERP stacking is where a company has got multiple first-page rankings for the same business and is something that you should leverage if you own a franchise. This, as is outlined over at runrex.com, will give you a great competitive advantage as there are only so many results that can show up on the first page, and if you are taking several slots, you will be set fair for franchise SEO success.

Have a synchronized strategy

There is no need to duplicate efforts, like say, having one of your franchise locations spend a day on a social media campaign when another one of your locations just did the same the day before. Consolidate and synchronize your efforts to make sure that your franchise locations are not doing the same things over and over, which will waste resources without bringing in the results required.

Analyze and track progress

You should also ensure that you are tracking and optimizing your campaigns regularly if you are to succeed in your franchise SEO efforts. Analyzing and tracking are different for franchises as each location has its unique issues. Make sure that you are implementing tracking and analytics strategies that single out issues with each local page, both for your website and social media, and come up with tailored solutions to solve them.

Remember, if you are looking for more information on this and other related topics, then look no further than the highly-rated runrex.com and guttulus.com.