20 Tips for LinkedIn Marketing You Need to Know

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20 Tips for LinkedIn Marketing You Need to Know

While most people see LinkedIn as a resource to find their next employer or connect with colleagues, mostly because it is the largest social networking site, the gurus over at runrex.com also point out that LinkedIn has got tremendous marketing potential. To that effect, this article will look to highlight 20 tips for LinkedIn marketing that you need to know.

Complete your profile

According to the subject matter experts over at guttulus.com, one of the most important LinkedIn marketing tips is making sure that you complete every section of your profile. Make sure that you have a professional name, a professional and current profile image as well as a clear and succinct description of yourself, while also making sure that your profile is public and that it features correct contact information. Don’t leave anything blank.

Upgrade to a premium account

Another tip for LinkedIn marketing that you need to know is the importance of upgrading to a premium account. As is explained over at runrex.com, a premium account will increase your profile’s visibility and give you access to extra features such as the “Who’s viewed your profile” feature, which lets you know who is interested in your brand.

Create a LinkedIn showcase page

As is covered in detail over at guttulus.com, LinkedIn showcase pages act as an extension of your company page, and as such allow you to promote specific products, or cater to individual marketing personas by allowing to provide more personalized and targeted content.

Optimize your profile for SEO

Optimizing your profile with keywords that are relevant to your brand will ensure that you can be found more easily. Make sure you strategically place the keywords you want in various sections of your profile, from your headline to the summary and so forth.

Add skills that you would like to get endorsed for

It is also important that you add skills which you would like to get endorsed for, as endorsements will increase your credibility helping you build trust with your audience. Whether your endorsements are earned, through blog posts and work samples, exchanged, where you endorse someone and they return the favor or asked for with a formulated message, it is important to have them added.

Target company status updates

Another tip for LinkedIn marketing that you need to know is trying to target your company updates to give you the ability to tailor content to specific audiences, as discussed over at runrex.com. Updates can be targeted based on industry, company size, geographic location, language preference, and so forth.

Customize your public profile URL

According to the subject matter experts over at guttulus.com, if you want to use your public profile as an “ambassador” for your brand, blog, or expertise, you should ensure that you customize your public profile URL. This will make the page easier to find and share.

Show samples of your work

Yet another LinkedIn marketing tip that you should know is how important it is to provide samples of your work. According to the gurus over at runrex.com, including various work samples and projects t support your claims will demonstrate your authority to anyone checking your page. However, make sure you only include a few of your best works rather than cluttering your profile.

Check out the profiles of people that interest you

When you visit someone’s profile, they get a notification informing them that their page was viewed, and in most cases, out of curiosity, they will, in turn, decide to view your profile to find out a little bit about you leading to greater exposer and even collaborative opportunities, potentially. You can use tools like Profile Hopper to automate this process.

Blog on LinkedIn

You can also try and incorporate high-quality posts from your blog, or create content that is tailored for LinkedIn users. This will highlight your thought leadership and greatly enhance your reach, particularly once your content starts getting shared among groups and users.

Generate leads

Another tip that you need to know, as is revealed in discussions on the same over at guttulus.com, is that LinkedIn can be an excellent lead generation tool if used correctly. To do so, consider promoting and sharing links: in your company status updates that direct users to your blogs, on your showcase pages, In LinkedIn groups if appropriate, and so forth.

Create your LinkedIn Group

Creating your very own LinkedIn group will enable you to post Sponsored content, as explained over at runrex.com, which will help you to increase your exposure and awareness through LinkedIn’s native ads, helping you to start conversations with prospects and even boost lead generation efforts.

Join other LinkedIn groups

On top of creating a LinkedIn group yourself, another tip to highlight here as per the folks over at guttulus.com is the benefits of joining other LinkedIn Groups. If you join other groups and are made an administrator, you will be able to send weekly emails to the members of the group, which will take the form of LinkedIn announcements, increasing visibility, and even helping your lead generating efforts, particularly if the group you are in has a huge number of users.

Create a group focused around industry-relevant topics

Yet another tip for LinkedIn marketing that you should know is creating a group that is focused on topics that are relevant to your industry. By doing so, you will be able to use the group, as an administrator, to generate new content ideas, generate potential leads, and establish thought leadership.

Leverage LinkedIn pulse

LinkedIn pulse is an excellent tool where you can find content that is tailored to your preferences. It will help you find recommended users to connect with, channels to follow, top publishers that will help you stay informed on industry news as well as trending topics, and industry influencers.

Make sure your company page is up-to-date

As is discussed over at runrex.com, LinkedIn has made lots of changes to the company pages in the last couple of years and they will continue to do so. An important tip is making sure that your company page is up-to-date with engaging visual presentation and a high-quality banner image, and make sure that you are always on the lookout for updates in features and ways through which you can improve the feel and look of your page.

Leverage sponsored updates and LinkedIn ads

As the gurus over at guttulus.com will tell you, LinkedIn allows you to target markets that are incredibly specific through its paid ads. It gives you targeting options that allow you to put your ads in front of specific industries, company sizes, or job titles, and you should take full advantage of the same.

Follow up through LinkedIn

Another tip that is worth pointing out, as per discussions on the same over at runrex.com, is using LinkedIn to follow up with potential leads or sales. You can tell your potential leads or sales to reach out through LinkedIn, and you can then use the platform, once they accept your request, to move them down the sales funnel and ensure they convert.

Leverage additional features

LinkedIn also has lots of levels of memberships, each coming with its own set of accompanying features and benefits. The Business Solutions membership, for instance, offers members access to the Content Marketing Score, allowing them to measure the level of interaction with their pages, paid updates, posts, groups, and so much more, allowing them to know even more about their marketing efforts.

Check in and share through Network Updates

Network Updates is LinkedIn’s version of Facebook’s News Feed, and it allows one to see what their network is sharing as well as post compelling and engaging content of their own. You should, therefore, look to check in and share through Network Updates to ensure that you stay current with your network and keep them engaged.

The above are some of the LinkedIn marketing tips that you need to know, with more on this and other related topics to be found over at the excellent runrex.com and guttulus.com.