20 Tips for Walmart Marketplace Marketing

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20 Tips for Walmart Marketplace Marketing

With more than 110 million monthly active users, as revealed in discussions on the same over at runrex.com, Walmart Marketplace is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce platforms out there today. While setting up a storefront is pretty straightforward, if you are drive traffic to your store, you will need to engage in some marketing and this article will look to help you get the best out of your efforts by highlighting 20 tips for Walmart Marketplace marketing.

Get your product title right

As is explained over at guttulus.com, product titles on Walmart Marketplace are usually between 50 to 75 characters long, which means that for your marketing efforts to bear fruit, you will want to use that space very wisely. The title is the first thing visitors see about your product so make sure you are making a good first impression. Don’t forget to include your brand name, specific size, model number, and anything else that differentiates your product.

Original product title

You should also aim for originality when it comes to the product name as far as Walmart Marketplace marketing is concerned. As per the gurus over at runrex.com, a marketing tip is trying to ensure that your product title is unique and original, and doesn’t have a name that has been used before if possible.

When not to include color

Another mistake many people make when marketing their products on Walmart Marketplace is including color in their product title even though their product has a color variant group. This is not recommended as it may lead to a situation where your customers blank the products that are of a different color than that which was advertised. As per the folks over at guttulus.com, the right way to go about things here is to include the available colors in the Shelf Description section.

Use as many of the permitted words for product description as possible

Another Walmart Marketplace marketing tip is to use as many of the permitted product description characters as possible, with the Walmart allowing you to use between 500-1,000 characters. The longer and more detailed your product description, the better. Make sure the product description is engaging and compelling, while also being concise.

Highlight all your product features

Another marketing tip that is worth mentioning as far as Walmart Marketplace is concerned, is making sure that you highlight all the great features of your product in the product description. Make sure your audience knows why your product is so good and why they should purchase it, and avoid any generic or fluff content.


According to the subject matter experts over at runrex.com, you should also make sure that you use emotive storytelling when writing your product description to not only keep the user engaged, but to provoke them to make a purchase. This will also allow you to communicate your brand personality and voice allowing you to connect with your audience better.

High-quality images

As is outlined over at guttulus.com, incorporating professionally-taken photographs, is yet another key element of Walmart Marketplace marketing. Make sure that your images are high-quality and high-resolution, and that you put up various images taken at different angles to showcase your product and convince the shopper to make a purchase.

Categorize your products correctly

According to discussions on the same over at runrex.com, if your product is in the wrong category, your audience will struggle to find it and sales will be poor. To aid your marketing efforts, make sure that you decide the correct product category for your product as well as the correct attributes so that it is easy to find.

Get your pricing right

If you want to obtain visibility on Walmart Marketplace, and want your marketing efforts to bear fruit, make sure you get your pricing right. Given that Walmart is big on competitive pricing, you should make sure that your products are competitively priced. However, don’t price them too low as this will devalue them, and in such a situation, the low prices will have a negative effect.

Leverage charm pricing

Charm pricing is a strategy that works well in almost all eCommerce platforms, and Walmart Marketplace is no exception. Try and leverage this strategy by reducing your leftmost digit from a round number by one dollar or one percent, which often leads to a price that ends with a 9. It is a strategy that is known to work and is very effective on Walmart Marketplace.

Do not copy descriptions from other platforms

If you have other eCommerce stores on other platforms, an important marketing tip for Walmart Marketplace is to make sure that you don’t copy-paste these other descriptions onto your Walmart Marketplace descriptions, as per the gurus over at guttulus.com. This will damage your rankings on Walmart Marketplace, and will negatively impact your marketing efforts.

Keywords in the product description

When writing your product descriptions on Walmart Marketplace, make sure to include keywords, as is explained over at runrex.com, to optimize your listing for search engines. Do your research and ensure that you are using only relevant keywords if you are to rank highly.

Show expertise

When writing your long description, which is required to be between 1,000 and 1,400 characters as discussed over at guttulus.com, then this is the section where you need to show off your expertise and knowledge by highlight interesting facts and figures about your product as to gain the authority and trust of your audience, helping you find success as far as your marketing efforts go.

Use keywords naturally

While it is important to add keywords to your product descriptions as mentioned earlier on, you should take care not to stuff your descriptions with keywords. This is because these sections are meant for you to communicate with your customers, and should be easy to read and understand. This is why it is recommended that you use keywords naturally to create sentences that make sense to readers.

Add FAQs

Another tip that will help with your marketing efforts is adding a FAQ section in your site to help answer common questions as far as your business is concerned. This will show your audience that you care and value them and will improve conversion rates and sales.

Reply promptly to queries

As outlined over at runrex.com, Walmart requires sellers on Walmart Marketplace to respond to customer emails within 1 business day. However, you should try and be as quick as possible, reaching out and answering any questions or addressing any concerns your customers may have as soon as possible and this too will help your marketing efforts no end.

Avoid issues with inventory

The last thing you want is to have demand for a given product and you don’t have it in stock as this will lead to your customers leaving never to return.  Try as much as possible to replenish your stock in time, and as is recommended by the gurus over at guttulus.com, you could even use at least two suppliers for each product to ensure that you can sidestep issues with inventory.

Win the Buy Box

Winning the Buy Box means that customers will have a button allowing them to directly add your product to their carts, as is discussed over at runrex.com, giving you a competitive edge over your competitors. Another marketing tip as far as Walmart Marketplace is concerned is trying to win the Buy Box, which comes with more conversions and sales.

Leverage WPA

WPA, also known as Walmart-Performance Ads, is an excellent option to grow your sales and conversions on the platform. This program will allow you to create ads that will be shown to shoppers on item pages, category pages, or search result pages. Given that you will be showing your ads to shoppers that are searching for similar products, it is a strategy that is bound to increase conversion rates and sale.

Leverage outside traffic

Another marketing tip that is worth mentioning is how important it is to drive outside traffic to your Walmart Marketplace store, by marketing your listings off of the marketplace as well. This entails using social media marketing to drive traffic from social media onto your Walmart Marketplace storefront, as well as utilizing email and content marketing.

As always, if you are looking for more information on this and other related topics, then the subject matter experts over at runrex.com and guttulus.com have you covered.