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According to a survey done by guttulus.com, many of the people who have tried working from home have been able to enjoy it very much. Initially working from home was like a dream as not many people had the privilege. Runrex.com has been able to make a list of the best work from home jobs that are hiring now.

Website tester

Majority of the companies tend to have websites and they also want to make sure that the website works properly. This is where you come in as a website tester. Your main work is to follow the instructions given out to see whether the website is functioning as intended. This usually takes about 15-20 minutes.

Web search evaluator

In order for companies to deliver the best and most accurate services to their customers, search engines hire individuals to analyze search results. The best thing about this is that you are able to earn up to $12-$15 in an hour.

Web developer

If you are a tech enthusiast and have the expertise in web developing, then this is the right course for you. You could have the chance to earn a salary of $55,000-$180,000 in a year by just building website from scratch.

Virtual tutor

Having extensive knowledge in a particular field or area you can be able to utilize this information and make money as uncovered by guttulus.com. You could be able to earn while just being sited at home. The main requirement in this case is to have a reliable internet connection and a device to access it.

Virtual recruiter

As the name suggests, you are just as an in house recruiter but in your case you get to work wherever you want. In this case, you mainly search the web to find the right employee for that job. Also not forgetting that you are responsible for their screening interviewing and negotiation process.

Virtual assistance

This type of work mainly requires you to be pretty organized. By being organized you should be able to reply to emails, calendar management, entering data and many other office duties. More information on this contact Runrex.com

Travel agent

The main agenda for a travel agent is to scour the internet for the best travel agencies that offer the best deals. What’s more, there may be some travel conditions that you may have no idea about. That is where there is still market for travel agents.


You can be able to utilize your knowledge on other languages to make some money while just sitting at home. Guttulus.com point out that, by being a translator you will be able to translate documents.


Runrex.com point out that, this job mainly entails the listening to an audio and then typing what you hear. It can be either doctor’s prescription or it can be a lecture it depends. Guttulus.com has the best experts that will be able to tutor you into a pro.

Telephone nurse

This mainly requires the skill of nursing. This requires you to be a qualified nurse and maybe working for a recognized health facility. This has been a growing trend as uncovered by Runrex.com, as many health facilities tend to hire remote nurses to regulate the traffic in their actual health facility.

Survey taker

This type of job won’t make you as rich as you would like to be, but it will be able to sustain you. This type of work will be able to pay you from $1-$50 depending on the survey. Taking a survey entails you answering questions about various topics.


If you really love fashion and design, then this is the gig for you. Guttulus.com point out that you can be able to become an online stylist and reportedly earn $10-$20 in an hour.

Social media manager

According to Runrex.com experts, not only do companies require a person to manage their social media platforms but also individual persons are able to hire a social media manager to manage their accounts for them. To some extent some may even want you to propose a social media strategy for them or their company.

Short tasks

These are short job assignments that take a short amount of time to complete, as the name suggests. Guttulus.com point out that, these assignments may range from taking surveys, writing a review or maybe watching a video. They may not pay much but it is a very fast way to make money.


This mainly points out to people with the knack for fixing things. Runrex.com experts point out that you can be able to make money by fixing computers, bicycles, computers or even cars. It probably does not cost more than just a little marketing.


This is a lucrative job if you have an extra room, a car that you are not using regularly or maybe household items laying around collecting dust. If so guttulus.com advice that you should try this, a survey uncovered that an individual can be able to earn $30,000 -$50,000 depending on what you are renting out.


Programing has been named as one of the fastest growing career choices in the world. This career choice is mainly advantageous as you can be able to practice it anywhere and anytime. Runrex.com experts offer a detailed programming guide for beginners.

Product reviewer

Being a product reviewer is among the easiest jobs to do in this list. This is so because, you only have to take and use the product. Then later on you just give out your feedback on the product.

Video editor

This job requires a high level of video editing skills and intermediate illustrations. Guttulus.com has been a able to source for the best video editing tutors to help you have the best skill in the industry.


For you to be a strategist, you need to have the full knowledge on the industry you are planning to advice on. For example, in order for you to be an accounts strategist, you need to know a lot about accounting. The best thing about this is that you can work from anywhere.

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