2015 was a Good Year for Social Media


Work at home half days are the best on Monday.  It allows me to crunch on Sundays and get a lot done.  I still have a bunch of videos I need to make…  or I should make.  I’m reviewing my 2015 and I got the numbers I wanted on social media.  I’m pretty proud of that.  Instagram is the only one I didn’t get… 970 of the 1, 000 goals.  Otherwise.  10K twitter, 3K Facebook fan page, 4,500 Facebook friends and 2,500 linked.  I’ll organize these numbers by social media profiles.

Guttulus: this website has been doing well.  Alexa ranks it 651,691  in the world.  Which isn’t great… but it’s a lot better than 2M+ it was ranked before.  My 2016 is to get this website to the 1op 200,000 and eventually within the top 100,000.  My instagram is at 970… I tried so hard.  Clearly I have to get over the 1,000 hurdle soon… may be before 2015 ends.  I’m setting my instagram follower goals at 2,500 for 2016 now that I know how to actually use it.  Guttulus twitter is still holding at 10K.  I don’t really have any interested in getting it beyond 10K.  I’m not sure why.  Guttulus YouTube is at 250….  If I’m diligent like tonight I can hopefully get it above 1,000 in 2016.  I believe that does it… there’s bechance which I treat more like a joke… but beyond that’s it?  Oh there’s a Facebook page… which I don’t care about.

Lion has stalled a bit.  It’s at 18,000 on YouTube.  I’ve learned a lot about YouTube this year.  I’m going to aim for 30,000 next year.  It’s feasible and would be pretty cool.  The Facebook page is at 3K.  So in 2016 I should be able to push it over 5K.  The Twitter is over 1,000.  I don’t care about twitter.  I can’t explain why…. it’s my least favorite social media platform.

My personal brand has been pretty strong.  My Facebook has over 4,500 friends and Linkedin is over 2,500.  Since the Facebook max is 5,000 there’s no reason for me to continue.  Linkedin.. I’m not sure what the cap is.  It would be nice to get 4,500 but that might be too greedy….  I’m on break from teamtreehouse… I’m actually coding now.  I’ll get back on track in 2016.  Right now I have 37,000 points which is nice… I look forward to clearing 50,000 points. That would be fun.  I picked up the top content award again.  Always nice to have that one at my house.

I set extremely high expectations in 2015… and for the most part I got there.  Instagram… is the only one I didn’t get there.   But I get it now.  You just post the same type of pictures everyday at the same time.  Not difficult to get.