2016 Marketing Trends in Houston


2016 Marketing Trends in Houston

One thing that is certain about the state of marketing in Houston today is that it is constantly evolving. Change is now the status quo, and the best marketing teams are those that stay on top of the changes and can nimbly implement them. Further, marketers that embrace customers and connect with them on multiple levels are enjoying more success than ever.

A recent Huffington Post digital marketing article spelled out some key details about the current state of marketing in Houston and beyond.


  1. It’s all about the customers. Teams that focus on the customer journey and connect in innovative ways across all possible channels, like mobile, social media and email, perform at a higher level and more successfully drive traffic.

  2. Customers leading companies. Many marketing leaders expressed concerns about keeping pace with customers, as they appear to be solidly in the driver’s seat.

  3. Customer engagement. Customer engagement is a high priority, with the goals being brand awareness, increased engagement on all levels.

  4. Paradigm shift. Smart teams are integrating all their information about customers across sales, marketing and service. Customer satisfaction metrics are seen as most important, followed by revenue growth and customer acquisition, as opposed to traditional metrics that valued revenue above all else.

  5. Tech savviness. Marketers are adopting the latest technology and adopting marketing tools that make marketing communications smarter; 72 percent planned to increase tech spending. Marketers are using CRM tools to integrate customer information across channels at a rapid clip.

  6. Mobile is now mainstream. After several years of rapid growth, this past year saw mobile app usage grow 98 percent and a 111 percent increase in text messaging for marketing. Smart marketers are embracing mobile to engage customers and prospects.

  7. Marketing from the top down. The most effective teams have executive buy-in from the leaders in their company, allowing adequate marketing budgets and other support.

  8. Respect for social media marketing. Once seen as a novelty that was nice to do, but not really worthy of much time or resource commitment, social media has come of age. Today, top marketing teams strongly agree that social media is an integral part of their organization’s marketing strategy. Today, 75 percent of marketing leaders say that social media is generating effective ROI.

  9. Smart email. Today’s email campaigns are more sophisticated and personalized, unlike the blanket sales pitches sent in the past, and major growth is expected in this particular digital channel. Already, upwards of 70 percent of marketers view them as very effective.

  10. Social accelerates advertising. For marketers putting together budgets, about two-thirds are increasing advertising budgets on social platforms, underscoring how well social media increases exposure for brands.

  11. Content. The need for compelling and unique content for brands cannot be understated. Top marketing teams understand its importance and have budgeted accordingly.

  12. Spending on digital. This year, marketers are spending 70 percent of their total marketing budget on digital, and this trend is expected to continue to increase. Forecasts show that number will be 75 percent within the next five years.


For marketers looking to enhance their organization’s brand, gain increased exposure and truly connect with customers and prospects, our tips follow the market research that’s been done. To perform your marketing work at a higher level – embrace digital marketing at the organizational level, enhance your customer’s mobile experience, make customer engagement a top priority, and utilize your CRM to target ads using customer data.