2017 What is the best programming language to learn first? 25 facts


2017 What is the best programming language to learn first? 25 facts         

When it comes to programming, there are varied languages that can be used to good effect but the choice on the best one normally depends on what a professional is targeting. In choosing the programming language to learn first, several considerations have to made on the quality, operational efficiency and overall performance of the language when it comes to coding and effective programming. of all the programming languages, Python offers a level of flexibility and ease of use that many others fail to deliver upon and 25 other facts that support its superiority include:

Syntax is user-friendly

A user-friendly syntax is exactly what beginners in programming need to get ahead and understand the demands of the programming industry.

Seamless constructs

When using Python, programmers are opened to seamless constructs where writing concepts is done in fewer lines of code thereby ensuring it provides an effective learning opportunity for beginners.

Development speed is rapid

The speed of development is rapid when programmers make use of Python as the choice programming language which makes it a worthy resource.

Supports multiple programming paradigms

With Procedural styles among the programming paradigms that programmers can utilize, Python stands as a language that supports multiple angles that are transformative.

Extensive range of possibilities

Using Python exposes a programmer to varied possibilities especially when it comes to exploiting the potential within the industry.

Plenty of online tutorials

Beginners can find Python as a particularly impressive language owing to the numerous online tutorials that can be taken advantage of during the learning process.

Large and comprehensive library

Python as a programming language has a large and comprehensive library that programmers can take advantage of to learn and create code that can transform the industry.

Supports learning Object Orient Programming

An advantage during programming is always desirable and with Python supporting learning Object Orient Programming, the opportunities are endless for programmers.

Covers aspects of Functional Programming

The best aspect about Python is that it covers aspects of Functional Programming which is a fundamental factor that programmers target.

Writing web-based applications

Python can be used to write web-based applications making it an effective language when it comes to web and software development.

Community-based development

A major plus of having Python as the choice programming language is that it has community based development which means support for varied issues is readily available online.

Easiest to learn

With many programming languages in play, Python serves as the easiest to learn since the line of code is not complicated and can be easily internalized.

Free to use

A particular advantage of Python as a programming language is that it is free to use and can be utilized in both a personal and commercial sense.

Open source

Python is an open source language for programmers which makes it a worthy resource for those learning how to code and those looking to perfect the process with unlimited possibilities in play.

Runs on variety of systems

Its compatibility is impressive which means it can run on varied systems with the same efficiency making it a useful tool for every programmer.

It’s the best scripting language

It stands as the best scripting language where professionals can be able to produce huge quantities of code in short period of time making it an efficient tool for programmers.

A dynamic language

Python is a dynamic language that offers a workable and streamlined process of programming where code development is seamless and well organized.

Offers flexibility in programming

Programmers thrive on having options in development and the flexibility that Python offers ensures the language ranks as the widely-utilized option for many professionals.

Has produced Django

Python is responsible for the working of Django which is a web application framework that powers varied platforms and sites like Instagram and Pinterest.

Used in Robotics

Python is used by programmers in the structure and development of robotics which is the future of mechanical revolution.

Major player in AI

Python has been a major contributor to the developments made in Artificial Intelligence which underlines its importance to the industry.

Used with modules for varied tasks

When gathered with different modules, Python can be used to gather insights coupled with integration of data to improve the overall impression and understanding.

Powerful tool for web development

With web development, the idea normally rests on reliability and development and Python is the language that facilitates the same with ease.

Effective game development

Python as a language facilitates effective game development where the PyGame library can be utilized by programmers and dame developers to create impressions and overall game structure.

Choice option for information security

Python has been instrumental when it comes to information security making programming an engaging and quality assured process.