24 Ways Donald Trump’s Immigration Policy Will Affect Indian Developers


24 Ways Donald Trump’s Immigration Policy Will Affect Indian Developers

Indian companies based in the U.S have been the biggest source of employment for Indian developers through utilization of visa system loopholes. With Trump coming into power, a lot is going to change if the president-elect’s proposed laws are anything to go by. Below are 25 ways trumps immigration policies are likely to affect Indian developers.

Fewer visa loopholes to exploit

With Trump coming into power, Indian developer companies based in the U.S can forget about abusing the visa system to get cheaper labor from India. One of the principal activities on the president elect’s agenda is to seal all immigration loopholes.

Complicated immigration process

Indian developers will have to undergo a complicated immigration process brought about by the proposed laws.

More detailed checks

Not only will the number of checks increase, but they will also be more detailed and in-depth so as to ascertain that only those with positive agendas get into the country. Developers with sinister motives will not be able to enter the U.S.

Fewer visa spots

In line with the sealing of visa loopholes, the quota of visas available to facilitate importation of developers from India is going to reduce considerably.

Fewer accessible developer jobs

Indian developers intending to work in the U.S will have fewer accessible jobs due to the more challenging immigration process.

Demand for cheap developers will increase

Though job accessibility for developers from India is going to reduce, there will be a short-term demand for cheap labor as companies adjust to the new labor importation policies.

More checks

Trump’s proposed rules will increase the number of checks all immigrants, including Indian developers, have to go through to get into the U.S.

Developer companies will have to hire local talent

Indian developer companies in the U.S will be forced to hire local labor at standard rates since Trump is going to make the process of importing labor subject to more regulations.

Increased costs for Indian companies based in the U.S

Indian developer companies headquartered in the U.S will no longer be able to import cheap labor from India which will directly translate to increased labor costs.

Indian developers working in the U.S will reduce

The number of Indian developers in the U.S will decrease with time since the process of labor importation is going to become more constricting.

Less to and from movement

Indian developers in the U.S will lose the heart to visit their home country often due to the increased immigration hassle brought about by the policies.

Higher travel expenses

The increased complexity of the immigration process will mean that Indian developers, and immigrants, in general, will have to spend more when traveling.

Higher income for Indian developers

Indian developers in the U.S will be employed with respect to the standard labor rules. Hence, they will be paid equal salaries with their American counterparts.

Better working conditions

Since Indian developers will be hired on a level ground with Americans, companies will have to provide better working conditions.

Better quality of life

In line with getting better salaries, Indian developers in the U.S will be able to afford a better life and live comfortably.

Rapid advancement of the developer sector in India

Due to the reduced chances of accessing opportunities in America, more Indian developers will concentrate on setting up shop in India which will rapidly advance the sector.

Developers may move to other countries

Indian developers looking for greener opportunities may choose to go to other nations with more accommodating immigration policies compared to the U.S.

Increased competition

Indian developers with the intention of working in the U.S will face more competition for visa spots.

Study opportunities for developers in the U.S

Indian citizens intending to study developer based courses in the U.S will have a harder time accessing the related opportunities.

Traveling with family

Indian developers with the intention of traveling with their families to the U.S will face multiple immigration challenges.


Developers without the necessary papers may be deported

Loss of jobs

All those found to have cheated the visa systems to take up developer jobs, and other jobs in the U.S may possibly lose their jobs.


All immigrants will have to be verified including Indian developers in the country.

Fewer Indian developers will be willing to immigrate

It is possible that Indian developers who were interested in the American dream may give up on it altogether and chose to stay in their home country.

Trumps laws have their positives and negatives. What’s for sure is that the immigration sector, in general, will face some upheavals before stabilizing and Indian developers will not be exempt regardless of the fact that Trump said he intends to foster a closer relationship with India.