3 Qualities to Add to Graphic Designer Resumes


I’m a professional graphic artist and indie photographer with almost six years of consistent design experience.

For software knowledge, I have a variety of skills with most of the Adobe Creative Suites. I’m well-versed with both print and web design, but emphasis on the former. A lot of my experience in design has involved creating consumer goods, especially package design and product development — with a niche of small electronics. Since the past three years, I’ve worked almost exclusively with creating graphics for sports teams — including jersey designs, awards/trophies, t-shirts, bobble heads, and various promotional products — for both major league and minor league teams. In this field, I’ve acquired a lot of knowledge with Pantone color matching and working with branded logos from style guides. Prior to this current job, I’ve worked with many small consumer electronics companies, where I performed a variety of tasks in relation to product development.

Here’s a list of my strongest and most useful job attributes:

• Packaging layouts: I’ve designed packaging/products for small consumer electronics, novelties, cell phone accessories, apparel, sporting goods, and as of lately, promotional material for sports teams. To get more technical, I know all about the logistics of package artwork, ranging from initial product development, to rough drafts, illustrations, virtual mockup rendering, physical mockups, and corresponding with Asian factories. I’ve created entire product lines and package designs for items as simple as blister packs, to entire store displays for major retailers. I also have such package engineering skills as constructing PDQs, generating planograms, and creating layouts of products for pallets at big box chains. In most of my previous jobs, when creating mockups of package designs, I would construct entire box layouts by hand, for use at sales meetings.

• Photography & photo editing: I own my own Nikon DSLR with a variety of lenses and lighting equipment. I’m skilled with photography for both hobbies and professional work — the latter usually involves taking pictures of products for catalogs, or for packaging. As a hobby, I shoot photos of my own custom LEGO creations, which I then publish on social media — where I have quite a significant following! In addition to taking photos, I’m skilled with subsequently editing them and making retouches.

• Advertisement/print: as both a profession and a hobby, I’m certainly talented with making ads and promotional graphics — including web banners, print ads, sell sheets, and small catalogs. I can do things as simple as making small banners for websites, or as elaborate as creating entire product catalogs for sales meetings. For example, there have been times where I’ve been required to generate a small booklet of virtual products to bring to my company’s salesmen for meetings; in this case, I would make virtual mockups of assorted products with the particular buyer’s logos/colors. For a hobby, I often make print material for local New York events, such as burlesque, magic, and sideshow. With those particular projects, I would design various cards, posters, and giveaways for small venues in the area.

Other various skills of mine include:

• HTML/website maintenance (including WordPress and FTP)
• Flash
• Video editing
• Illustration — both creative and technical
• Logo design
• Microsoft Office
• Copywriting