25 Advanced Google AdWords Tips and Tricks


25 Advanced Google AdWords Tips and Tricks 

Google AdWords is an avenue that businesses utilize to increase conversions, make sales and gain leads for business. There are plenty of strategies that can be employed to maximize on Google AdWords and they include:

Using Google AdWords Sitelinks

Google AdWords sitelinks provide a platform for engaging with the target audience where location and contact links can be placed including links to specific pages within the select website.

Addressing duplicate keywords

Duplicate keywords are always a major setback for Google AdWords campaigns since they impact the quality score. Addressing the duplicate keywords is particular strategy to increase the quality score and conversion rates.

Structuring bulk edits

When running a Google AdWords campaign, bulk edits are a favorable feature since they save time and ensure that a campaign is kept running seamlessly.

Setting AdWords Scripts

Google AdWords campaigns have to be managed using the scripts since a marketer is able to adjust the campaign to suit specific targets when the scripts are in play.

Using My Client Center (MCC)

Marketers who desire to have ultimate control over their Google AdWords campaigns should focus on utilizing My Client Center which is a hub for effective management of a campaign.


Google AdWords offers a peculiar avenue for remarketing at an advanced setting that does not impact negatively on the client who has been targeted before and this is a trick tuned for success.

Using filters

Filters are instrumental when it comes to direct monitoring including the effective targeting of particular metrics that impact the campaign.

Focusing on Ad Groups

The goal of having Ad Groups is to implement a targeting strategy and focusing on the same is an advanced avenue for effective user integration for marketing campaigns.


Placements are crucial when it comes to Google AdWords campaigns and they should thus be focused on as a core element of the Ad strategy.

Custom URL’s

A particular trick with Google AdWords is the use of custom URL’s which not only direct traffic but also give the campaign an authentic and unique outlook which the target audience can relate to.

Google Analytics

It may come as a threshold tactic but utilizing Google analytics stands as one of the standout elements when it comes to Google AdWords.

AdWords Editor

Many marketers ignore the AdWords Editor and this is what leads to failed campaigns. Utilizing the AdWords Editor is the key to understanding the target audience and focusing on winning formulas.

Analysis of Search term reports

A trick to learn what is scoring with the target audience is to regularly analyze the search term reports which provide valuable data for a digital marketing campaign.

Negative keywords

When running Google AdWords, neglecting the negative keywords is a major fault since they impact the success of a campaign with the matches and keyword orientations.

Location targeting

A Google AdWords campaign cannot be specific and successful without a targeting option and this is where location targeting becomes important as a target that increases traffic.

Eye on quality score

What many marketers are guilty of is focusing on the keywords without evaluating the quality score they command which normally leads to sub-par campaigns.

Columns and filters

The use of columns and filters is usually overlooked but it stands as a unique trick to get the most out of the campaign in terms of management and effective monitoring.

Managing display networks

When considering Google AdWords, the management of display networks is a core factor to capture since it enhances the capacity to operate seamlessly and understand metrics.

Call-only Ads

A trick that many have not mastered with Google AdWords is the inclusion of call-only Ads which are unique and enhance the conversion rates.

AdWords Express

Marketers have to incorporate the use of AdWords Express as an option when managing a marketing campaign since it provides the utilities and fundamentals of a campaign.

Merchant Center

The Merchant Center is normally underutilized which is what leads to a poor monetization of a marketing campaign. Focusing on the operations of the Merchant Center is the way to capture the monetization process for a campaign.

Webmaster tools

As much as Webmaster Tools have been largely applauded, few have actually harnessed the power of the tools to their full potential and a trick to perfect a marketing campaign is utilizing the Webmaster Tools fully.

Ad extensions

Structuring Ad extensions is a perfect strategy for getting the most out of Google AdWords since it captures the sitelinks and location and contact links.


Effective bidding is what leads to the creation of winning Ads and this is what people should focus on when implementing Google AdWords campaigns.

Keyword research

The power of keyword research is evident in the success of keyword targeting and matching options and utilizing the research process is a perfect trick to enhancing the success of a campaign.