25 Best Attribution Tools for Internet Marketing


25 Best Attribution Tools for Internet Marketing 

Attribution, a murky subject for many marketers, is simply the pegging of given consumer actions to particular enterprise aspects and media channels. Therefore, attribution is absolutely essential for the savvy marketer interested in gaining invaluable insights that will inform on the most feasible budgeting strategy to drive marketing efficiency. Below are 25 of the best attribution tools.

Google Analytics

The go to basic option for those who do not want to spend on advanced alternatives, Google Analytics is handy for tracking key performance indicators and different metrics concerning how guests interact with the brand.


Convertro is highly rated and enjoys several accolades. It is the trusted option for many, and it is accomplished at cross-channel, mobile, and multi-touch attribution among others.


Adometry was acquired by Google in 2014 and that, in itself, passes a message concerning its quality and usability. It is SaaS based and covers most attribution bases marketers are interested in.


Probably the most renowned, Bizibible is robust and resolute in terms of performance. It is a nifty attribution solution used and trusted by hundreds of companies to quantify marketing based on revenue.

Full Circle Insights

Full Circle keeps track of every little consumer action and related consequences and structures it in a palatable manner to give useful insights for optimizing marketing.


Engagio is an entirely account based attribution solution that avails excellent lead-account matching and views hence exponentially multiplying possibilities while making reporting a breeze.


Tealium is highly rated and uses a tag system while offering a real-time data platform. It is very user-friendly with the option of easy data sharing plus surprisingly good support.

Daddy Analytics

Daddy analytics is user-friendly and highly recommended as a Salesforce replacement for AdWords. It is a pragmatic, utilitarian alternative that, however, needs some training to use optimally.

Bright funnel

Bright funnel is another favorite for many due to the comprehensive forecasting picture it gives. It provides a rounded view of the effect of different marketing approaches on conversions.


OWOX Bi’s action is based in a Google cloud where one can accumulate and work on data using its many functions to gain helpful data-based marketing insights.

IBM Digital Analytics Impression Attribution

It is a handy reporting tool that assists in optimizing impression oriented marketing; therefore, fostering budget tweaking and justification.

Visual IQ

Visual IQ is useful for tweaking cross-channel aspects for maximum performance. Additionally, it has a track record as reliable, and it gets major points for being advertiser-trusted.

Tag Commander

Tag Commander is a capable attribution alternative that enables advanced management of technical assets, campaign efficiency, and marketing efforts via a tag system.

Zeta ZX

Zeta ZX makes use of people oriented data to generate insights that boost brands’ acquisition of clients in all platforms, channels, and devices of interest.


LIVE enables constant evaluation of marketing inputs by providing a straightforward, user-friendly platform that fosters easy optimization to maximize marketing efficiency.

C3 Metrics

Another SaaS-based attribution solution, C3 Metrics supports cross-device and T.V attribution and primarily centers on boosting marketing ROI by enabling management of the same.

ROI Brain

ROI brain provides actionable insights through its real-time, all-inclusive interface that has a marketing calendar, control dash, budget tweaking software, an in-depth marketing library among other things.


Adinton is handy at data analysis hence offering top-notch insights that allow for campaign optimization to wisely handle marketing assets and increase return on marketing investments.


It is an excellent real-time Internet-based interface that actualizes informed campaign management and cross-channel strategizing by availing streamlined and data-based recommendations.


Sylvan is a convenient attribution tool that enables ongoing analysis and optimization by providing quality responses regarding marketing processes and the related investments.

MarketShare Decisions

MarketShare Decisions is a pragmatic software dedicated to a range of analytics including price planning, cross-channel attribution, optimization among others. It is cloud based, and the support team is noteworthy.

OptimaHub Media Attribution

It is a useful solution for understanding touchpoint metrics and how users engage with the brand so as to gain a comprehensive picture of customer behavior and alter marketing expenditure to maximize sales.


Sparkfly is founded on cutting-edge, patented technology as a laudable option that promises actionable insights courtesy of its real-time interface that capably connects both physical and digital spheres.


OptiMine is a worthwhile, cloud-based attribution software that is nimble as it is elegant and useful. It keeps track of ads and channels both online and offline availing in-depth cross-channel measurements.


ThinkVine is adept at utilizing predictive models to inform marketing efforts and instigate the development of sophisticated strategies to maximize ROI of marketing expenditure.

All the above attribution tools have the capability of transforming non-performing marketing touchpoints. However, they differ significantly regarding approaches hence making personal preference and the nature of the enterprise the main decision determinants.