25 Best Video Editing Software for Windows and Mac for YouTube


25 Best Video Editing Software for Windows and Mac for YouTube 

YouTube is arguably the best video sharing platform and when considering it for marketing purposes, the videos to be posted have to be perfect in order for the target audience to be impressed. There are varied video editing software that have been utilized over time but 25 of the best that can be used on Windows and Mac Operating Systems include:

Wondershare Video Editor

A tool with cool features including filters, overlays and interesting graphics, Wondershare Video Editor is the perfect software for novices looking to venture into video editing.


available for Mac users, iMovie is a powerful tool that can be used to edit videos including the addition of sound tracks and the insertion of subtitles.

Windows Movie Maker

One of the easiest tools to use when targeting the editing of videos for YouTube, the Windows Movie Maker is free and versatile and is available to users who utilize Windows Operating Systems.

YouTube Video Editor

Available for both Windows and Mac users, YouTube Video Editor is a perfect tool for beginners and offers a fast editing process to ensure appropriate turnaround time.


This is a software that can be used on both Mac and Windows devices. It can customize videos and incorporate the effects that make the videos unique.


This is a useful software for both experts and beginners and with the versatility it has, users can relish the experience of editing and customizing videos.


One of the standout video editing software in recent times, Cinelerra brings a new element to the process of editing by providing a unique mode of optimizing videos.


This is tool for Mac users and it comes with advanced features for transitions, video combinations and animation elements which are just fun and engaging to work with.

Adobe Premiere CC

A tool for the experienced individuals in video editing, Adobe Premiere CC is available for Mac users and offers a huge advantage when it comes to creating quality videos.

Sony Vegas

A software for users with Windows operating systems, Sony Vegas offers ease of operation and effective editing capabilities that ensure the end product is desirable.

Da Vinci Resolve 12

When in need of videos that tick every quality standard desired, Da Vinci Resolve 12 is the video editing software to call upon.

FinalCut X

Quality, clarity and feature input are all aspects maximized upon when an individual utilizes FinalCut X as the choice video editing software. It is available for Mac users.

Premiere Pro

A competent and result-oriented tool, Premiere Pro is for the professionals who desire precision and effective feature incorporation.

Avid Video Composer

This tool is workable not only when editing videos but also when incorporating the special features that optimize it for the target audience.

Filmora Video Editor

This software is available for both the Windows and Mac platforms and offers operational efficiency including custom settings for videos.

AVS Video Editor

When considering the video editing tools that have the power to transform a video using specialized features, AVS Video Editor makes the cut as one of the best.

Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate

A software that users with Windows Operating Systems can make use of, Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate ranks as the tool that has all everything when it comes to editing and optimizing a video.


Users with Windows and Mac can take advantage of the features and quality of this tool to edit videos and create the impressions that resonate with the target audience.

Cyberlink Power Director

This is a tool available to individuals with Windows platforms. It is a powerful software that experienced editors will find useful and workable.

HitFilm Express

This is a software rich in select features that are the dream of professional video editors. It can be utilized by users with both the Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

Corel Video Studio Pro

A technical tool to master, Corel Video Studio Pro is one of the premier software when it comes to video editing for YouTube videos.

VSDC Free Video Editor

Windows users will find this tool very practical with a range of features that facilitate video editing at an advanced setting resulting in quality videos.

Nero Video

If there is any software that creates the desired impact when it comes to video editing, then it has to be Nero Video which has extensive features with multifunctional elements.

Video Pad

Few software can match the quality and operational ease of Video Pad when video editing and customization is considered. It is a perfect tool for beginners as well as the experienced lot.

Movie Plus

Editing YouTube videos is effectively handled when Movie Plus is utilized since it has varied features and optimizing angles that create the perfect medium for quality and unique videos.