25 Best Ways to Generate Leads with Search Engine Optimization


25 Best Ways to Generate Leads with Search Engine Optimization 

Leads are the lifeline of any business. Clients, whether one-off or repeat, do not last forever. Lead generation, therefore, is the only way to maintain business stability and growth. It is not a wonder, then, that enterprises continue to set aside increased funding for lead generation. Below are 25 of the best ways to generate leads with Search Engine Optimization.

Effective content strategy

SEO efforts will be null and void if you do not couple them with an effective content strategy to hook potential customers and get them interested in what you have to offer.

Engaging content

The key is to make a connection through content that is engaging since people are more comfortable purchasing from organizations they feel they have a connection with.

Interesting content

In line with having an effective content strategy, having compelling content will make your visitors more willing to share your content with friends, family, acquaintances, etc.

Informative content

Educational content creates a give-to-receive scenario that is very effective in lead generation. You offer potential clients quality information and in return; they feel more compelled to buy your services of products.

Solve a problem

Strive to offer value to your site visitors by solving a problem. It could be honest, helpful reviews or whitepapers. It will enhance the value of your brand and facilitate lead generation.

High-quality website

A high-quality site will impress upon visitors the fact that what you have to offer is also of excellent quality. Moreover, it will positively promote your brand image.

Responsive website

Your website should be responsive on all platforms so as to be able to reach portable smart device users.

Social media integration

Including social buttons so that visitors can share website content they find interesting is a no brainer.

Offer superior user experience

If you do not offer an unparalleled user experience, you end up directing potential customers to competitors who have taken the initiative to offer a better user experience.

Offer discounts

Discounts are a great way to generate leads by giving potential customers a subtle nudge into taking advantage of good deals. Everyone loves a good deal.

Use time-limited offers

Time limited offers tap into the innate fear people have of losing out hence helping generate leads. However, you have to be serious about it; otherwise, you risk cultivating an atmosphere of untruthfulness around your brand.

Customer oriented approach

Have a genuine concern for both new and older clients by providing quality customer support services. Word will always get out if you treat clients right which will generate you more leads.

Include a call to action in your content

Some people need a little push to convert them into hot leads and a call to action does just that by leading visitors into leaving their contact details.

Collect visitor’s emails

Devise a method to collect your visitors’ emails (e.g. a free eBook) so as to build an email list that you can use to generate more leads.


Investing in networking will give you more relevance and make you a force in your chosen field. Reach out to those with a resounding presence in your space and network with them.

Offer free resources

Free resources such as downloadable eBooks, or converters are a nifty way to provide more value to visitors and prime them into becoming hot leads.

Offer free samples

If you have a quality product, you can offer a trial or a small sample to your visitors to mould them into future hot leads once they use up the free sample/trial.

Use of Slideshare presentations

Slideshare presentations have been found to be potent in capturing people’s interest and generating leads.

Recruit affiliates

You can outsource lead generation by coming up with sound affiliate programs that web marketers can take advantage of to make money.

Form partnerships

Partnerships are a great way to get referrals from other industry players regarding the niche products you offer.


People have an insatiable need to be educated on what they are interested in buying. Tap into this by offering seminars and webinars and watch your leads grow.

Stand for something

Stand for something: a cause, community involvement, giving back to the community, etc. It is a proven brand and lead building strategy.

Make use of all channels for publicity

From P.R strategies to display advertising, you should take advantage of all viable channels for advertising. The more people you reach, the more your chances of generating leads increase.

Be transparent

It is game over the moment a prospective customer discerns that there is something you are hiding. It is better to be open and forthcoming.


Follow up on all your leads. Sometimes, it is all that is required to convert a cold lead into a hot lead. As aforementioned, some people just need a little push.

The entire concept of generating leads with SEO revolves around offering prospective clients value regarding both content and the products you offer. It is the only sure-fire strategy that can stand the test of time.