25 Cool Facts About Google AdWords API


25 Cool Facts About Google AdWords API 

Google AdWords API is designed for developers that work with large, tech-savvy advertisers. They include agencies SEMs, other professionals online tasked with managing large campaigns. The API allows developers to develop applications that interact directly with the AdWords server.

Thus, it leads to the efficient management of large campaigns. Here are the facts about the AdWords API.

1.  Ensure that you continually migrate to the latest version of the API. Google is always growing the functionality of the API. Thus, you are able to take advantage of the latest features provided.

2.  If you want to avoid consuming your API units, you should use the AdWords API Sandbox. You can test your applications and correct any inconsistencies free.

3.  To boost the efficiency of your AdWords API, you should mirror important parts of your campaign in a local database. It is a strategy that has worked for many people. It is especially important if you run many campaigns that require regular tweaking.

4.  Instead of reinventing the wheel, consider using the AdWords API library. It contains useful resources that will help you kick start your development. Every time you think of creating something, consider checking if it can be found in the library. It could save you quite a lot of time.

5.  It is important to design a mechanism for handling disapproved ads. It reduces the ad downtime and ensures that disapprovals are handled smoothly. Additionally, ensure that you check the guidelines that Google issues on creating ads. The guidelines are often updated; it is thus important to read through the blog posts often.

6.  To learn about the latest options, releases, and features on AdWords API, ensure that you check out the Google AdWords Blog, Forum, and mailing list often. Regular updates are posted there. Although it is possible to unsubscribe from the mailing list, it is not recommended to do so.

7.  The API uses the API Units System to ensure equitable distribution of resources. Understanding how it works will help you budget your resources wisely. Take time to study it, and you could save yourself a good amount of money.

8.  The AdWords API allows you to make dynamic changes to AdWords account at scale. In short, with the API, the possibilities are limitless.

9.  The API allows you to run event-based or time sensitive promotions across all your campaigns.

10.  With the API, it allows you to create custom reports that provide you with an overview of search activity that is related to the business.

11.  The AdWords API utilizes both WSDL 1.1 and SOAP 1.1 programming language. SOAP is used for RPC ad information exchange over HTTP. WSDL provides the formal description of a web service.

12.  The AdWords API is only accessible to manager accounts. Those who do not own a manager account will need to create one.

13.  To ensure a smooth transition, ensure that you link all your accounts and your client’s accounts to your manager account. Google provides detailed instructions for that.

14.  The developer token is a unique combination of characters, words, and letters that identify your API activity. Ensure that you keep it a secret to avoid fraud.

15.  There are restrictions to the AdWords API logo. For instance, you can resize it to fit your API client application as long as the aspect ratio is maintained.

16.  The AdWords API logo cannot be used to imply a relationship with Google. Any use that implies endorsement by Google could lead to various disciplinary actions to be taken by Google.

17.  If you want to opt out of the mailing list, you can unsubscribe via Google Groups. If you are not signed up to Google Groups, make sure you do that.

18.  After signing up for AdWords API, you only need an approved developer token to get started. The token is sent via your email.

19.  When you apply for a developer token, it may take up to a week before it is approved. You should apply for a test account as you wait for it to be approved.

20.  The AdWords API is offered free to encourage innovation among all developers.

21.  The AdWords API has both basic and standard levels of access. The standard access level is only accessible to developers who require additional capacity.

22.   There is a non-compliance fee charged at a rate of $10 for every 10,000 operations before the no compliance notice was received.

23.  Google deprecated all API units, and they are now counted equally. Download requests for AdHoc reports and all requests by test accounts are not used for calculating the noncompliance charges.

24.  If you want to apply for standard AdWords API access, you should ensure that you do so at least three weeks ahead of time. Ensure that you include as many details as possible to ensure that the account is approved in a timely manner.

25.  Once a new AdWords API WSDL version has been released, the older version continues to receive support for four months. The period should be used to ensure a smooth migration to the new version.