25 different types of attorneys and how they can help you


25 different types of attorneys and how they can help you      

Attorneys are the legal help individuals and organizations need to get a legal perspective. The attorneys are also instrumental when it comes to aiding people understand their legal obligation with respect to their position within the business world or society. There are different types of attorneys that can be contacted depending on their expertise and need at hand. 25 different attorneys to call upon include:

Copyright attorney

A copyright attorney is charged with applying for copyrights and interpreting copyrights including the prosecution of infringements.

Mergers and acquisitions attorney

Attorneys handling mergers and acquisitions offer professional help in registering and bringing a company to full operation including negotiating licenses and contracts for partner companies.

Contract attorneys

The attorneys experienced in contract law are experts when it comes to contracts and are legally recognized negotiators that compose contracts and file them.

Labor and Employment attorney

The labor and employment attorneys represent victims that have faced discrimination at work, layoffs and also negotiate severance and benefits on behalf of the employees.

Class action attorneys

Attorneys well versed in class action suits are instrumental when it comes to suing due to common ground or suing as a collective unit.

Public interest attorney

The task of a public interest attorney is to handle cases that involve health justice, environment justice and the Pro Bono cases.

Traffic law attorney

A traffic law attorney is the individual charged with ensuring that individuals get their licenses validated while also representing individuals in cases of suspension of a license.

Immigration attorney

An immigration attorney is charged with handling maters that touch on citizenship and immigration law. Immigration attorneys file and advice on filling of documents that legalize immigrant stay in foreign countries.

Corporate law attorney

Attorneys practicing corporate law are experts in drafting contracts in business, capturing the legal rights and legal perspective of business operations and advising businesses on way forward.

Landlord attorney

A landlord attorney intervenes in negotiations between a landlord and a tenant issuing the stipulations and forwarding the views of both parties.

Civil attorney

The role of a civil attorney is to advice and represent you in situations where you are suing or being sued and where monetary damages are to be negotiated.

Family law attorney

A family law attorney is required to handle paternity issues and cases including the issues with adoption and custody of children.

Patent attorney

The objective of a patent attorney is to protects and enforce patents while also making sure to prosecute infringement. A patent attorney is also instrumental in the patent application phase.

Divorce attorney

A divorce attorney covers and advises clients on legal separation and amicable asset division and settlements to avoid entanglements.

Consumer attorney

The ultimate responsibility a consumer attorney has is to represent victims in unscrupulous bank practices, unlawful advertising and the issues that arise from consumer goods.

Estate Planning and Wills attorney

An attorney handling estate planning and wills is responsible for protecting and overseeing the development of Legal wills including estate planning and is entrusted with execution.

Bankruptcy attorney

The service a bankruptcy attorney can offer you is mainly centered around the filing for bankruptcy and overall education on debt and settlement.

Criminal defense attorney

The goal of a criminal defense attorney is to offer defense and representation when you are arrested under criminal charges and become instrumental when you are arraigned in court including during appeals against judgement delivered.

Trademark attorney

A trademark attorney understands trademarks and is also able to explain legal proceedings concerning trademark applications.

Tax attorney

A tax attorney is the expert to approach when in need of help with complicated tax obligations or cases with IRS regarding tax issues.

Personal Injury attorney

Attorneys representing individuals with personal injury claims handle the task of proving injury whether physical, economical, reputation or psychological. The attorneys are also crucial when it comes to negotiating compensation in the case of accidents due to company errors and unlawful wrongs that the company is responsible for.

Real estate attorney

An attorney that practices within the real estate field is involved in the selling or buying of real estate, sharing of assets and the documentation and negotiation of real estate transactions.

Product liability attorney

The goal of a product liability attorney is to ensure that a company or individual is able to negotiate the liability claims for the malfunction or damage a product they produce causes to the consumer.

IP attorney

An IP attorney is exactly what creative geniuses need since it becomes possible to protect innovations and creative developments through prosecution of infringements.

International law attorney

An international law attorney comes to the aid of individuals looking to enjoy the basic human rights in a foreign country and are also instrumental in ensuring foreign players understand global business tax obligations.

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