25 Futuristic PPC Automation: Creating Efficient Processes and Better Results


25 Futuristic PPC Automation: Creating Efficient Processes and Better Results  

As one of the primary search engine advertising methods, the evolution and automation of PPC is unlikely to witness a slowdown anytime soon. If anything, all applicable technological advancements are likely to be adapted to bolster the efficiency and productivity of PPC. Below are 25 futuristic automation strategies likely to gain traction in an effort to enhance PPC efficacy.

Focus on portable devices

The massive boom in content consumption via mobile devices is unlikely to decelerate. PPC automation is following a similar trajectory in a bid to boost ad views, ad productivity, and consequently, conversions.


PPC is set to become more targeted to increase ad value to businesses. This concentration is more clearly reflected in PPC automation tools which are ever becoming more individual-focused.


Timing is crucial in ensuring ad efficacy and PPC automation is advancing in the same direction by factoring in the time aspect to a greater degree.

Shift to people based PPC

The shift from keyword based PPC to people based PPC is already in motion as the release and popularity of Customer Match by Google succinctly points out. This focus on people rather than keywords is projected to become more in-depth.

Quality personal information

With PPC becoming more individualized, the demand for quality personal information will continue to increase rapidly in the sector.

Value of personal data

With growing demand, comes increased value. The millennial age is already touted as being the ‘information’ age, and the value of personal information regarding PPC is ascending rapidly.

Processing Resources

In line with PPC automation becoming more pedantic and individual-focused, the processing power employed to crunch the resultant large amounts of data is very advanced.

Software sophistication

PPC automation software is becoming more sophisticated to deal with the growing challenge of producing sound analyses to maximize ad campaign efficacy.

Artificial Intelligence

Long in the making, the use of A.I in PPC automation is only going to increase and become a mainstay as time goes by.

Focus on conversions

PPC automation will continue to concentrate more on conversions since moving product is what really matters to clients.

User-friendly interfaces

PPC automation solutions are becoming user-friendly enough for newbies to utilize the same without much hassle.

More options

With the projected increase in popularity of PPC, available options regarding automation are witnessing a boom which is benefitting the sector as a whole.


Use of innovative solutions adapted from the I.T industry, and other industries to make PPC automation and its related processes more robust is increasing rapidly. A.I and Machine Learning are good examples.

Detailed analytics

With the increase in processing power, data for processing, and software sophistication, PPC automation tools continue to provide ever more detailed analytics with more parameters.

Competitive pricing

The cost of PPC automation and PPC, in general, is becoming more pocket-friendly so as to make financial sense to firms and facilitate a win-win scenario for all involved.

Stringent quality measures

PPC is being subjected to more regulations to ensure ad quality which will result in better performance and better results. The same is being reflected in automation tools which are already quickly advancing quality-wise.

Machine learning

The ability of machines to adapt to real-time data is witnessing increased implementation in the PPC arena as industry players seek to come up with cutting edge, non-labor intensive solutions.

Increased investment in custom algorithms

More multinationals are jumping into the custom algorithms bandwagon in a bid to source for PPC automation solutions tailored to their needs.

Reduced dependence on third party technology

Large companies are already shifting from third party technologies regarding PPC and PPC automation in a bid to find suitable solutions. This is a trend that is only going to pick up more steam.

Increased portfolio complexity

PPC campaign portfolios are already increasing in complexity in line with the increased focus on individualized data parameters to boost campaign performance.

Solution based ads

The popularity of solution based ads so as to boost efficacy is quickly taking root and materializing in PPC automation.

Ease of automation

The ease of setting up PPC automation tools is increasing regardless of the expected rise in portfolio complexity in order to accommodate less tech-savvy individuals.

Cross-device tracking

Already trending as an effective strategy for serving ads, PPC automation continues to accord more attention to cross-device tracking so as to optimize utilization of all available platforms.

Offline activity

PPC automation continues to significantly factor in offline activities of the masses to boost conversions like the use of coupons and beacons for instance.

Hybrid approach

It is likely that the human factor is going to be retained in PPC automation in one form or another so as to correctly evaluate scenarios where PPC automation is best applicable and where it is not.

All the above futuristic PPC automation strategies are good news and likely to offer good tidings for all industry stakeholders. PPC is set to become more lucrative, efficient, and cost effective which is something all enterprises interested in online advertising can look forward to.