25 questions to ask before hiring a PPC agency


25 questions to ask before hiring a PPC agency         

PPC agencies are among the most sought after firms when it comes to digital marketing since they are charged with providing the right strategies for effective advertising. Hiring a PPC agency takes peculiar consideration and this is why there are aspects that must be captured before the process is complete. The 25 questions to ask before hiring a PPC agency include:

Who will own PPC accounts?

It is vital that this question is answered before a partnership is formed between you and a PPC agency since it is what will guide engagements and overall management of the marketing campaigns.

What will be the unique input?

It is important to understand what new element a PPC agency will offer when it comes to the management and optimization of a PPC campaign.

What is the track record?

The track record of services rendered is always a clear pointer as to the ability and experience of a PPC agency.

What are the contract details?

Understanding the contract is what ensures that you do not get the shorter end of the stick when it comes to the benefits reaped from a successful marketing campaign.

What industry leading tools will be used?

Before hiring a PPC agency, you must be able to understand the industry leading tools that the firm has and how they plan to utilize the same to better the campaigns.

How frequent will reports be submitted?

When hiring a PPC agency, a fundamental aspect to note is the frequency with which reports will be provided for analysis which becomes instrumental during optimizations.

How will the budget be managed?

The most important factor to identify when hiring a PPC agency is how the budget will be managed since it is what will inform the unique approach and campaign management experience that a firm has.

What information will you be privy to?

When choosing to work with a PPC agency there are proprietary algorithms that some firms claim to have and it is therefore important that an agency informs you the information that will be open to you.

Are the PPC analysts certified in AdWords?

Certified PPC analysts are always a great asset to have and it is therefore crucial that you are able to identify whether the PPC professionals that will work on your campaign are certified.

What is the CRR?

The Client Retention Rate of any PPC agency is an indicator of the professional approach and quality delivery and you should always seek to know the CRR rate.

What are the project resources?

Learning the resources that will be put into managing your PPC campaign should be the core of the information that a PPC firm provides before being hired.

What is the experience in managing campaigns?

The combined experience that an agency has in managing PPC campaigns should be the pointer to the quality of service that will be expected.

What is the strategy for the select campaign?

In a bid to understand what you will be able to receive from a PPC agency, you should ask what the firm can prepare in terms of the strategy for the select campaign.

What will be the communication option with account manager?

When managing a PPC account, communication with the account manager is crucial and you should thus ask how the same will be handled before hiring.

What engines and networks have been managed successfully?

It is vital that you are able to learn the experience that an agency has in terms of the engines and networks that have been managed in the past.

How will the fee be calculated?

Management of a PPC campaign is all about knowing the fees that will be incurred and how the same will fit in with the budget.

What services will be available monthly?

The monthly service that will be received is what drives effective management of a PPC account and you should thus ask what you will be getting before hiring the agency.

What marketing software have they specialized in?

PPC is all about marketing in a smart way and asking what marketing software a firm has skills in is core to the success of a PPC campaign.

What are the project management tools?

The project management tools to be used for a PPC campaign will determine the extent of the success that will be experienced when it comes to the advertising strategies.

How will the campaign team fit in?

Understanding how the campaign team will fit the in with the goals and objectives is crucial to the success of the PPC strategy.

Will they outsource?

It is always advisable to learn whether the firm will outsource some services since it may mean you will need to pay more for the service.

How will they fit the marketing and web design needs?

Every PPC campaign has specific marketing and web design needs and it is fundamental that a firm provides a breakdown of how they will fit the factors to blend perfectly.

How will ROI be analyzed?

Sues and ROI for a PPC campaign are always factors that define the trajectory of a specific strategy and it is crucial that an agency is able t explain how the same will be considered.

What is the vision for industry trends?

The trends in the world of PPC have to be adopted to guarantee success and relevance and a PC agency must be able to provide an insight into the same.

What will be the cooperation strategy?

Before hiring a PPC agency, it is important to identify the cooperation strategy that will ensure streamlined reporting and analysis.