25 Reasons to Become Google Certified


25 Reasons to Become Google Certified  

Google certifications are very important for an individual in the online marketing field. Apart from building credibility, the certifications improve the knowledge base ensuring that an individual is able to operate as a professional. Here are 25 reasons to become Google certified.

Professional networking

Google certifications open up avenues for professional networking with other experts in the field which only serves to enhance the capacity to learn.

Industry insights

The goal of being certified by Google is to have access to the industry insights and have first-hand information on how to negotiate the waters of digital marketing with ease.

Education and learning

The opportunities for adding to the education and learning more about the industry are endless when one has been certified since access to information is made easier added to the networks created.

Extra support

The joy of being certified is that all professionals are given access to unlimited dedicated support for any query in the niche which would otherwise have been hard to come by on the internet.

Access to promotional offers

When a professional is certified, access to promotional offers is guaranteed which gives one the ability to interact and learn more in the field.

Better test opportunities

The most significant benefit of being certified is that a professional gets to have better test opportunities for the marketing campaigns being implemented which eliminates mistakes.

Live training events

When certified, an individual is given the opportunity to be a part of the live training events that are organized by Google to educate the marketing professionals.

Listing on Google Partners Page

A certification opens the path to being listed on Google Partner Pages which is a major achievement since it gives one the credibility to serve clients with authority in the industry.

It raises the profile

Getting certified by Google raises the profile of a professional and therefore enhances the visibility of an individual within the industry.

Better digital marketing performance

The idea with getting a certification is to learn new approaches and avenues to exploit which bring better execution and a significant Return On Investment.

Provides groundwork for client service

A certification is a seal of approval from Google that a professional can address the issues in digital marketing that users and clients face which is the authentication the target market craves.

Get free study guides

Being a professional in the online marketing industry requires thorough research and learning. A certified individual is able to get access to free study resources on the digital marketing field.

Earn a Google Partner Badge

A certification from Google earns a professional a Google Partner Badge which can be showcased to potential clients to reveal the level of experience.

Access to evolving PPC practices

A certification is exactly what is needed to get access to the evolving PPC practices and the best approaches to maximizing the potential of every marketing campaign.

Professional development

A certification aids an individual structure professional development that catapults one in the career space.


Competence in the digital marketing industry can only be gained when one gets certified in the varied channels and avenues of advertising.

A stamp of authority

Being conversant in a field is never enough and it is the same with the digital marketing field. A certification gives a stamp of authority as far as knowledge of the industry is concerned.

Utilizing top tools and products

There is usually no end to the learning process and getting certified opens up avenues for the utilization of the top tools and products that are important in marketing.

Gaining an edge over competitors

The significant advantage of being certified by Google is gaining an edge over other professionals in the field offering the same services to prospective clients.

Customize marketing campaigns

What a certification offers is the branded ability to structure varied marketing campaigns to fit a custom need or objective that a potential client has.

Expand client base

A certification is a license to operate which automatically expands the scope of reach and therefore opens up new opportunities to expand the client base especially with skills in SEO, PPC among others.

A Plus on the resume

The upside to having a Google certification is that it is a major addition to the resume due to the fact that it authenticates operations in digital marketing.

Direct access to top tier services

With a certification, it is possible to get access to top tier services that define the industry.

Viability for complicated marketing campaigns

Most companies targeting a comprehensive marketing campaign always target the professionals with a certification since it shows their technical prowess in managing an advertising drive.

Google is the dominant search platform

Being certified by the biggest and dominant search platform is beneficial in terms of exposure to the challenges and opportunities within the industry.