25 Reasons Why Bing Ads is Better than Google AdWords


25 Reasons Why Bing Ads is Better than Google AdWords  

The Bing Ads vs. Google AdWords battle continues to pick up steam as advertisers continually move to and fro between the two platforms. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and as per the facts, AdWords and Google, in general, seem to have become complacent due to the substantial market share enjoyed. In light of this, below are 25 reasons why Bing Ads is currently better than Google AdWords.

Less competition

With 20% market share compared to Google’s majority, traffic in Bing Ads is praiseworthy, but it does not come with the con of extreme competition as does AdWords, which makes it very appealing.


Less competition means less demand, and from an economic perspective, that directly results in more reasonable rates.

Value for money

Being cheaper, Bing Ads offers more value for money than Google can match given the same budget.

Higher ROI

Despite the fact that Bing only holds a slice of the search engine market, advertising on the platform has better returns compared to advertising on AdWords which is fueling a mass exodus from AdWords.

Less constrictive rules

The sheer volume and complicated nature of AdWords rules is just frustrating, and it is easy to get penalized for a rule one did not even know existed. Bing Ads has more accommodating standards.

Fewer irrelevant charges

Bing Ads has fewer extra charges compared to AdWords. Though not apparent at first, if one takes time to examine the two, in the long run, the seemingly exploitative nature of AdWords becomes clear.

More options

Bing Ads comes with a myriad of options that a manager can play around with to come up with a campaign that suits current needs.

More precision

With more choices, it is easier to formulate a precise and streamlined campaign with Bing Ads as opposed to AdWords which is more constricting.

Budget flexibility

Bing Ads offers more budget flexibility by providing options such as the shared budget option. In such a case, if you are advertising product x and y and x sells better, then Bing will show the x ad more.

Better targeting via device types

Bing Ad’s option of targeting via device type is more effective compared to AdWord’s similar feature.

Better location targeting

Also, regarding location-oriented targeting, Bing Ads has an edge over AdWords.

Deeper demographic-oriented campaigns

Bing Ads allows the creation of laser-focused campaigns by enabling customization on the basis of demographics such as age, sex, etc.

Less spam

AdWords is famous, and Bing Ads is only upcoming. As such, spammers and hackers are more focused on Google Analytics and less concerned with Bing Analytics.

Better client treatment

Bing Ads upcoming status incentivizes Microsoft to offer better services in a bid to foster loyalty and please customers more.

Better support

With Bing Ads, you can expect better support compared to the lackluster support Google offers at times.

Better positioned ads

Due to less competition, at a lower price, ads tend to better placed in Bing Ads as compared to AdWords.

Exact match keywords option

AdWords scraped the exact match keyword option in 2014 leaving only the related keyword alternative. With Bing Ads, exact match, as well as related keywords options, are both present giving one the flexibility to develop a watertight strategy.

Better social extensions

Probably due to minor traffic, social extensions in Bing Ads are better and more responsive making incorporation of social media into one’s advertising efforts a breeze.


A major pillar of Bing Ad’s marketing strategy is promoting a transparent environment concerning its dealing and charges. The same cannot be said of AdWords and Google.

More control over search partner targeting

Bing offers more flexibility when it comes to search partner targeting compared to AdWords which only offers either Google Search or Google Search and partner’s options.

Search partner analytics

With AdWords, it is not possible to see traffic origin based on the search partner while Bing Ads does everything upfront allowing one to see all traffic sources.

Opt out of desktop search

Sadly, with AdWords, one does not get the opportunity to opt out of desktop ads despite the fact that portable device traffic has surpassed desktop traffic.

Ad scheduling

Bing Ads allows high-caliber scheduling based on time zones and other metrics, unlike AdWords which is constricting in this respect.

More keyword flexibility

Due to less competition in Bing Ads, it is easier to find better keywords, with substantial traffic.

Bing Ads has been gaining market share

Of all, the most encouraging thing about Bing is that it has been gaining market share. Those who have previously had a bad experience with Google will be delighted to know that this growth seems to be at the expense of AdWords.

It is evident that as per current conditions, Bing Ads trumps AdWords in almost all quarters bar traffic. As such, comprehensive marketing efforts with reach as the core objective must still utilize AdWords. However, going into the future, AdWords would be well advised to be wary of Microsoft’s Bing Ads.